walk through the fear…co-create!


“Opportunity is coming your way. You are being Divinely guided towards using this opportunity to your best advantage.”

Your Angel’s Message:

You have been hoping and praying for a good and exciting opportunity to come your way. Now is the time to grasp this with both hands and to use it to the full. Something special is now being made available to you. This is the perfect chance for you to shine. Don’t let it bypass you. You must act positively and confidently. You must believe in yourself and feel that positive energy flowing throughout your life.

If you don’t sense any opportunities knocking at your door, create some of your own. You have an idea and a plan in your mind. By knocking on door after door, you will find that the right one opens to you. The angels ask that you persevere and that you don’t become downhearted. Soon, you will have your chance to shine.

What You Should Do:

Ask your angels for their help now. Open your heart to them in the knowledge that they will never let you down. You may feel a little apprehensive or even embarrassed about your aspirations. The angels will never laugh at you. They will support you through each and every day of your life. Now, you can  achieve what you set out to. Use this power well. You will be rewarded.

Your Affirmation:

“I am open to and ready for every opportunity that comes my way.”



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