In 1970, the lobsters were bigger than I


In 1970, lobster claws are larger than my hands


looks like peace symbol:

lobster hand-shake with delight

of the Maine table!


A Wedding of Faith


1969: When Two ex-Jesuits marry us at a ceremony of sharing the host with all faiths


all the relatives

with grace on their breath share the

pulse of the Holy Spirit

Ginger Snap

Ginger in 1970

In 1970, Ginger Snap rocked


faith resonated

service gleamed night and day- and

tiny woman loved

Respecting the Car

O&Aclean the car

Grandkids clean the car


schools out! be gone mud!

red, white, and blue vacuum wash!

free at last for 7/4!

Teachers Surround


Don in 1988 with 3 teachers from South Shore HS


John and Margaret

tie the knot and teachers join

in Brooklyn fiesta!

I know you by your photograph…


photo posted by Zelda Weiss- aka Katarina


framing, focus, touch

my heart with yellow eyes – yoke

golden artist link!

You Smell Bad

Ah another family member who knows the value of a good smell…

The Vibrant Channeled Creator

This is a book I designed

to memorialize Camden,

our whippet/lab grand-dog!

WordPress tutors taught me how to use Cloudup

to show this PDF to you!

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