Chop Shop


sunrise @ Jeanne’s house


God plops

Child flops

Woman pops

Man props

Granny whops

Gramps hops

Santa tops

magic’s swap!

What does fox play?


illustrator: Nicolaj


fox doesn’t play fear

but courage, risks, rhythm , jazz

strings that rock her soul!

Dry Leaf Sings to Wet Snow

Oh this is so settling!

The Vibrant Channeled Creator

"You're not heavy;  you're my brother!" “You’re not heavy;
you’re my brother!”

Parched, crimson color
holds the weight of crystal snow:
“You’re my brother, air!”

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illustrator: J Byron Schachner


tender tethers tend

to Nana, like wild turkey,

blow up in the sky!

Dominant Owl Claws


illustrator: Nicolaj

dominant owl claws

matching eyebrows / wing feathers

pointers to fathom

Path to Wellness


Wellness Center- Bar Harbor Maine-Paul Weiss


Healing path to Zen

Massage: new body, soul, free

from toxins and drag

Castles in the Sky


illustrator: Neil Waldman


Neil loves horizons:

horizontal plains: stacked waves

of serenity!

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