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You are the force for PEACE


image from Phawnda Moore

A Response to Mohsin Hamid’s story, “Of Windows and Doors” from the New Yorker, Nov14, 2016

Whether you live in the USA
Or a war-torn country,

You will have to build community:
Care for the children
Transport the frail
Feed the hungry
Allow sleep
Find your voice
Dance duets and solos
Set boundaries
Tolerate differences
Wait your turn

For peace is a many faceted phenomena-
tiny and humongous.

You are the force for peace;
it’s creator!

Voice of childhood


illustrator: Nicolaj


silent grip on wall:

longing for  eye level view

dream clouds close to touch.

Definition #62 Bean Bag Chair

What to do with a beanbag chair

The Vibrant Channeled Creator


Annika shows Oliver how to draw and paint on iPad Annika shows Oliver how to draw and paint on iPad

Oliver uses colors and paintbrushes Oliver uses colors and paintbrushes

bean bag chair to climb –

fall and cry: or snuggle close –

color paint design

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If you let your imagination go, will it…


illustration: J Byron Schachner

If you let your

imagination go, will

it return again?




One year ago in the world of poems and graphics

The Vibrant Channeled Creator

Sometimes God's Creations need to thaw... Sometimes God’s Creations need to thaw…

Every setting is a grace:
the changing light
the cold
the warmth that falls on the frozen ground.

Do I fear judgement?
harbor uneasiness?
The Son of Man
brings healing
new beginnings.

I was lost.
And found.
Why would I exclude others?

All God does is

I can be free of all disguise,
whole in the panorama of creation.
Clothed in “justice for all”
armed with a cosmic view.
No crying, pain, only an awakening.

wrongs made right
letting go of ill will
robed with the compassion of Christ.

I can be the lion
who lies with the lamb;
the lamb who bleats
for the lion.
I am the vibrant channeled creator!

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Paws to Claws


photo by Elizabeth Rose Stanton


paws pause-balanced set

claws awake when threat beckons-

fur is listening!

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