Definition #281Harmony

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

The New Yorker recommended these two sisters

and iTunes offered these songs:

Definition #280 Anime

Michael, the Pig-Keeper

Michael, the Pig-Keeper

who keeps the sty rich?

serious, fertile, muddy?

anime actor?

Definition #279 Apps

 by Jeanne Poland

by Jeanne Poland

An app is apt
To flop your op
Before you opt
Or flip your lid

You’ll flip your lid
And then you’ll live
A viral splat
Where apps are fat

Those apps are fat
With greed and whim
They push and moan
And leave us thin

So thin we creak
With trepidation
Apt to lose to app’s

Choose the opt
That keeps you cool
Shun the apps
Search for the jewels!

written on the way to Marriott Waltham MA 7-25-15

Definition #278 Nurturer

Jeanne 2007

Jeanne 2007

See me taking care-

burning for your needs-your growth-


Definition #277 Illumination

Denis Brown's work

Denis Brown’s work

teenage hormones sluice

through pages gilding golden


Definition#276 Dusk

The Shore at Dusk

The Shore at Dusk

Dusk was smoothing breadths of silk
over the lake, watery amethyst fading to gray.
Denise Levertov from A Reward

Definition #275 William Shakespeare

Photo by Jeanne

Photo by Jeanne

A laughable smile

on scrubbed bristly beard

open to compromise

frames bated breath

for, after all,

love is blind

and all that glitters is not gold…

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare,  gives us the words laughable, scrubbed, and compromise, and the phrases bated breath, love is blind, and all that glitters is not gold.

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