Foxy Picture Books


illustrator: J Byron Schachner


Last night, I attended the Picture Book Summit

with Katie Davis, Julie Hedlund, Laura Backes, Jon Bard and Emma Walton Hamilton.

The multi-media was spectacular!

Visuals succinct

Presenters well integrated

Topic highly relevant

The mini summit was a tasty appetizer to attend the Oct maxi summit!

While 4 videos streamed, there were visuals of book covers and names, as well as hundreds of chat comments from 100 participants!

The presenters performed 3 activities masterfully all at once! BRAVO!

No Boots on the Furniture

JByrobn Schachner

illustrated by J Byron Schachner


pigs have favorites:

boots, curly tails, and tiddly

winks and blinky blanks!

Poets and Letters


Kavi’s name means “poet” in Hindi; He is from S Africa and Massachusetts

Here he learns to write his name with Grandpa



Annika is seven years old and has learned to space her words

How fitting to place a star between each!

Upper Body Work

developUpperBody muscles

Hanging out by Koessler


when relaxed, muscles

build, fingers grasp stronger and

perspective zig-zags



yellow bellows by Neil Waldman


bold red steps forward;

blue walks through; while yellow looks

at you and smiles wide

Miracle Molded Cast


wrist break healing molded purple cast


instant traction pulled

to allow five finger fun

with osteopenia



Nana and Annika (77 and 7) strut their embroidery from the Vermont Country Store


took 7 days for

artisans to stitch this lux-

urious design!

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