396 Common


Nothing in Common

by Freya Manfred

Sometimes I feel I have nothing in common with anyone.
I shamble through the day, dragging my knuckles in the grass,
and each new hour with each new person is a cliff I can’t climb —

yet I know I’m alive now — inside a song as deep as forever,
that stretches to the infinite future and the bottomless past,
connecting every place I’ve lived or nearly died —

and I shouldn’t worry so much about losing what’s most precious,
my simian balance, shaggy fur, bold fleas,
my plentiful fingers and opposable thumbs,

and my curious, glowing, ape-like eyes that still shine
with radiant chaos, wondrous animal calm,
and so much love, for everyone

Yesterday my son brought the grand kids to visit, and the Labrador grand dog, Camden. She slept on her dog embroided lamb skin, ate cookies and food, drank from her personal dish, and had toilet time outside. Knew she was loved and, despite painful arthritis, kept beside me all day, faithful to Nana.

#395 Mosquito Nose


You think it’s to bite;

But smelling blood sugar’s right

where I go: Bravo!

Definition #394 Mom and Pop


                                    illustrator: Marcin Piwowarski

the web is not your mother-

the internet your Pop;

the apps do not command you-

and beep until you drop!

the web is just a widow

programmer left behind-

in truth you are the wizard

of all in-put and kind!

Definition #393Finches


grateful to finches

who morph with the seeds-merge with

the birds in the bush

Jonathan Weiner

won a Pulitzer Prize for his book The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time (1986)

Definition #392 Black and White


skin tone glows with soul

religion speaks-sings from soul

home is birth of soul

soul is relative to light

Definition #391 Golden Light


Gold drips, tipsy topped

on beam on seam on dreamseems

emblazoned luster.

When Catskill’s Blue


When Catskill’s blue

I think of you:

How cool you get

In panic’s net.

Your face a grin

Your twinkling eye-

The spark that lights

My earth and sky!

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