Definition: #164 Oliver’s Plan

John Deere Bday Gift Oliver's Fourth Birthday Built by Jeanne and Don

John Deere Bday Gift
Oliver’s Fourth Birthday
Built by Jeanne and Don

Trinet Poem: (from Catherine Johnson

tractor ride
front loader

battery charges forty minute ride uphill.
To hold  four young we’ll need:

hundred batteries,
two tractors
wild ride!

Definition #163 Rabbit Hole

mixed media sarahweymanart

mixed media sarahweymanart

Down rabbit hole Palm

Sunday: up Resurrection

Sunday for Easter!


Tennessee Williams
“A high station in life is earned by the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace.”
Robert Frost
Poetry, he said, “begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a loneliness.”
 On the other hand, when he took a trip to New York City to try to interest editors in his poems, he was too much of a farmer; he wrote: “I had mud on my shoes. They could see the mud, and that didn’t seem right to them for a poet.”
 He said: “One thing I care about and wish young people would care about, is taking poetry as the first form of understanding. If poetry isn’t understanding all, the whole world, then it isn’t worth anything.”

Definition 162 Icicles in March

March Icicles  jail house   in Ghent

March Icicles
jail house
in Ghent

Skates off roof…cascades

down slope  to bite the frost-cold

 ground locked froze-hard ice.

Definition #161 Four Women

Four Women Quenby's Fortieth Birthday March 25, 2015

Four Women
Quenby’s Fortieth Birthday
March 25, 2015

Four Women share sun:

wisdom, roots, blond, brunette hairs:

Sedona’s magic!


In the Christian tradition, today is Annunciation Day, commemorating the announcement to the Virgin Mary by the Angel Gabriel that she would give birth to the Messiah
It’s the birthday of the feminist writer and activist who said, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle”:Gloria Steinem
 “I’m a full-time believer in writing habits, pedestrian as it all may sound.
 And the fact is if you don’t sit there every day, the day it would come well, you won’t be sitting there.”
Flannery O’Connor

Definition 160 Ferlinghetti

Penwarn Reserve

Penwarn Reserve


by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Driving a cardboard automobile without a license
at the turn of the century
my father ran into my mother
on a fun-ride at Coney Island
having spied each other eating
in a French boardinghouse nearby
And having decided right there and then
that she was for him entirely
he followed her into
the playland of that evening
where the headlong meeting
of their ephemeral flesh on wheels
hurtled them forever together

And I now in the back seat
of their eternity
reaching out to embrace them

“#2” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti from A Far Rockaway of the Heart. © New Directions, 1997. Reprinted with permission.

Love in Ten Lines

Love River

Love River

Love you, Button-Head!

Sewed you on , Love!

Love your tart taste!

Love’s bite on lip.

Pricked by your love;

I bleed love’s blood.

Rolls down Love Canal

To the Sea of Love

Back to Love River:

My Love’s open mouth.

Definition #159 Stand by Me

Jeanne and Quenby Mar 21, 2015

Jeanne and Quenby
Mar 21, 2015

red glows Mom and Child:

one 6’4″ tall

dwarfs  her shrinking Mom

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