finding your life path…


“Positive changes are occurring in your career path. You’re being led in a higher direction that better suits your life purpose.”
Your Angel’s Message:
This is a particularly exciting and auspicious card. It heralds a brand new and positive change in your career area. You are embarking on a path that brings you positive changes. These, in turn, will support your priorities, dreams and passions. You’re releasing the old to welcome in the new. The angels give you their everlasting support. Perhaps you’ve been feeling tired of your job. This card indicates that you no longer have to suffer. You’re headed towards something that’s aligned with your beliefs and hopes. 

It’s true that this change requires you to have faith. You need to trust in the process. However, this card comes as a reassurance that so long as you listen to your inner voice, you will always be supported in all that you do. You will reap the rewards you have hoped for for so very long! This of course has a knock-on positive on all areas of your life. You’ll feel happier, attract positive people and events into your life and will be successful!
What You Should Do:
The angelic realm is guiding your career choices now. Move forwards when you feel comfortable. There’s no need to push or rush the process. Things will happen for you as they should. Keep a quiet and considered mindset now so your Divine guidance comes through to you loud and clear! 
Your Affirmation:
“I am making good, ethical and positive career choices. I am reaching my higher purpose.”


under my wing…


“You can and will attract your soulmate into your life. Your visualizations, prayers and affirmations create the energy to bring you both together.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Have you ever wondered where your soulmate is? Do you feel alone and as though there is a part of you that’s missing? If your answer is yes, this is because your soul mate has still to come into your life. A soul mate is a person you have been with throughout many different lifetimes. You have even spent time together in heaven! 

You may not already know this but you have more than one soul mate. These include romantic partners, friends, co-workers and family members. This card usually signifies the need for a romantic soul mate, however. This is someone who will have wonderful energy that blends so easily with yours. A genuine, caring and loving person who will put your happiness first. This is the love you deserve. This is the soul mate who is entering your life very soon.
What You Should Do:
When this card is drawn, its guidance is to call your soul mate into your life. You can do this in many ways, for example, through visualizations, affirmations and prayers. It’s also an idea to work on yourself. You want to be the best version of you possible. Like attracts like. When you’re feeling amazing inside, you will attract your equally amazing soul mate!
Your Affirmation:
“My visualizations, affirmations and prayers are guiding my soul mate to me now.”

infuse the world with your light…

Your Angelic Plan for Abundance

Archangel Haniel’s Message For You Today:
“It doesn’t matter how much money, success, or fame you’ve acquired. It is about the amount of positive energy you radiate in your life. The world is filled with suffering and you are given opportunities to infuse it with your light. Just as I uplift your spirit, you can bring warmth and love to others.”

Your Angel Number For Today:
9 – Today’s angelic number supports selfless acts of devotion. Give yourself to others willingly. Those you encounter will appreciate your time, energy, and attention to them. When you lose yourself, you gain a new perspective.

Action Steps:
Become so engaged in a creative project or hobby that you lose track of time. Do you feel your sense of self-becoming immersed with what you are doing? This merge is what happens when your spirit connects with others. You are at one.

Affirmation Of The Day:
“I give myself willingly to the world, this helps me to notice my perspective twirled.”

I twirl from nuclear relationship to kibbutz

from loving one: to one with all

from conflict: to universal peace

Pledge of Allegiance:


we’re Alpha Team

Your wishes are my commands

My commands are your wishes

Under the leadership and grace

of the Holy Trinity


You are my source…

to receive. In God, there is no lack or limitation;

“Everything you need in life comes from the infinite source of God. Your faith opens the doorway to receive his abundance.”
Your Angel’s Message:
As humans, we may pride ourselves on aspects of our lives such as our work as being our source of all abundance. In reality, it’s God who brings us the gifts we need. When you surrender to God in his infinite wisdom, he blesses you with unlimited abundance. When you worry about aspects of your life, you’re blocking that flow. This card asks that you focus on the true Source of all that is good in life. 

The spark of Creation is within us all. It’s in the world around us, the sky and the trees. So many of us have forgotten about this. We’ve also forgotten our ability to pray. Your faith opens doors that create miracles. All is possible when you believe. Remember that sometimes our prayers are answered in unexpected ways. You may want a promotion in your current place of work and one comes up elsewhere with better money. Trust in the Source and good things come to you.
What You Should Do:
Put your worries and troubles into words now. As God to help you reach your goal. Say something like “God, please help me to get a raise at work.” Feel yourself filling with positivity. You’re no longer worried. Keep an open heart and mind. Miracles can and will occur.
Your Affirmation:
“I believe in the Infinite Source. I ask God to help me with my troubles in the knowledge that he will hear my prayer.”


loving is the work…
The Greeks have 4 words for love:
1 family love -blood bonds, instinctual, natural
2 filio – brotherly, between friends
3 eros – romantic love, being in love
4 agape – unconditional love, no bounds, giving,God like and Christ love,

God’s love creates values. Never feel devalued. God has made you worthwhile. God’s love is completed in us. We participate through our actions. Expect nothing in return. We cannot love on our own. God calls us to a love that is scary. He completes us with perfect love which casts out fear. He makes all new. He plants his perfect love between us. ..Love without expectation of return. Where might we instigate this love?

John 15:1-8
Psalm 22:24-30
I John 4:7-21

achieve balance…

“It’s time to take some time out to discover how you can achieve some balance in your life.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Your schedule has been a little lopsided recently. You’ve been trying to do too much or is it too little? When this card comes up, it’s a sign that you need to readjust your life. It’s now imperative for you to balance your time between relationships, play, work, exercise and spirituality. You need to make time for yourself, not just for other people. 

Whenever your schedule becomes too much, you experience a drop in energy. You can usually feel this physically. Say, through tiredness and exhaustion. You may feel mentally and emotionally drained too. Di you know that a lack of balance can drain you spiritually? Lowered energy also creates the illusion that you don’t have enough time to do everything you set out to. This, in time, becomes a vicious cycle. 
What You Should Do:
The angels know how busy you are. They’re coming to you today to ask you to remember to make time for regular play, meditation and exercise. By doing this, you can feel joy and can grow. Remember, if you’re currently feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do, just ask God and the angels to help unburden you. 
Your Affirmation:
“I ask the angels to help me achieve the balance I need in my life to be happy and healthy.”


meditate for balance and calm…

“The angels ask that you meditate right now. Balance and calm is needed in your life.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Your life has been very busy recently. You haven’t had time to think. A quiet mind is a receptive mind. You hear the voices of the angels more easily when you have calm within. When this card is drawn, it asks you to quiet your thoughts, to relax and just be. Your angels wish to communicate with you, you just need to learn how to listen to their messages. They have important messages you need to know.

You are a Child of God. It’s natural for the angelic realm to wish to talk with you. They’re always around you and wish to make their presence more known.
What You Should Do:
This is a beautiful card as it means you are soon to receive direct messages from the angelic realm. To hear their voices, take some quiet time out. This could be as little as five or ten minutes at the beginning or the end of every day. Whatever works for you is fine. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Ask your angels a question. Relax and empty your mind. Continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically. With practice, you will begin to hear your angels’ words in your mind. But if you want more help to communicate with them, I am taking on some Angel Visionary Apprentices right now, which I feel is exactly what you need, Jeanne. Either way, always remember to thank the Angels for their Divine guidance.
Your Affirmation:
“I hear my angels answer my questions. They guide me forwards in all I do.”

release your torment…


“Now is the time to let go of the resentment and anger that’s been holding you back. It’s time to heal and to move forward.”
Your Angel’s Message:
You’ve drawn this card for a reason. Now is the time to release feelings of irritation and anger. Your angels understand that you may well be perfectly justified in feeling the way you do. However, they urge you to move forwards. Holding on to resentment only hurts you. It has no effect on others around you or the people who have done you wrong. You’re paying a very high price for keeping these negative feelings within you. 
Remember that forgiving someone doesn’t mean you’re okay with what they have done. It doesn’t mean you need to be their new best friend either. It simply means that you are no longer prepared to carry that pain within you.  
What You Should Do:
Stop punishing yourself for the actions of others. You no doubt feel tormented by your feelings. Release these to God and the angels. Ask them to take your pain away. When you do this, you will feel such a huge burden is released. You can move on with your life. Negative people and events no longer define who you are. You are fully and completely free. 
Your Affirmation:
“I let go of resentment and anger. I feel myself being filled with healing light. I forgive.”


Version 2

Tomorrow, your Guardian Angel Haniel wants you to know…

“Miracles are happening around you each and every day. Take time to notice these and to thank the angelic realm for their help and support.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Child of God, you have asked for a miracle to occur and it has. The angels have listened to your pleas for help and have not deserted you. Your situation may currently seem bleak, however, there is a huge vibration of angelic help coming in around you. Your challenges will be resolved. This could happen in a somewhat surprising way, but it will happen and you will be amazed. Such is the power of God.

When you surrender your fears to God, you open the doors for miracles to happen. See in your mind’s eye that the angels are carrying away your fears and your problems. Relax into the Source. Be open to the miracles that are coming your way. Believe in yourself! Feel beautiful, Divine energy flow through your entire being. You are a miracle within yourself. You can create your own reality.
What You Should Do:
You have or are soon to receive angelic help. Something you felt was impossible is now manifesting, faster than ever with the Celestial Wish Bracelet in your hands. The power of God cannot be underestimated. Through your connection with the Divine, your own unique personal power is strong. Use this positively and to help others and you will experience more miracles than you ever believed possible.
Your Affirmation:
“As a loving Child of God, I ask the angels for a miracle. May they work through me each and every day.”



“A time of celebration and joy is nigh! Enjoy this period Child of God. You deserve this!”
Your Angel’s Message:
You have created a wonderful time of change and of happiness within your life. With the help of the angels, you have created the right conditions to welcome an exciting and celebratory period. The good intentions you have sent out are manifesting. Your heart and soul are to be filled with warmth and thankfulness. 

This card has been drawn for you. Let it speak to you. Feel its positivity. Feel happiness and excitement begin to build. You have planted and nurtured seeds that have grown and flourished. Sit back now and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Remember though, that for something to grow it needs to be tended to with love and care. Keep tending to your seeds and your crops will continue to be bountiful for many years to come!
What You Should Do:
Enjoy this lovely time. Celebrate yourself, your loved ones and all that is good in your life. Know that you have created this feeling and reality through your own good thoughts and actions. The angels have helped this along too. Your partnership with them is strong and will remain so. Take some time out to smell the roses!
Your Affirmation:
“My life is good. With the help of God and the angels, celebrations are up ahead. I am forever grateful.”

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