black&white photo shows movement: the impact of a drop!

black&white photo shows movement: the impact of a drop!

Lifts its hands to clap!

Perks of Being a Poet


Ecphrastic Fibonacci

Fibonacci created the math Jeanne created the colors

Fibonacci created the math
Jeanne created the colors

Ekphrastic (also spelled ecphrastic) Poetry is defined as “poetry that imitates, describes, critiques, dramatizes, reflects upon, or otherwise responds to a work of nonliterary art, especially the visual.”

John Drury in The Poetry Dictionary

Copper, bronze, golden metals
Glitter, shine and shimmer;
Swirl you from a pulsing center
Orange, turquoise, glimmer.

Curves beguile, diamonds wild,
Vast blue rivers float;
Tiny turning gems roll out
Sunflower seeds round tote.

Hair Color

Jan Hutchinson has been delighting us with daily prompts for Poetry Month. Today’s poem should sound like a child wrote it.

Multi-color hair

Crayola Crayons in a Box

Crayola Crayons in a Box

“Your hair is red,
Your hair is black;
I see it now as blue.
Soon we’re back

To brown and then
Your hair is green:”
Crayons in Crayola Box!
Hair color fit for Queen!

( I scrutinize the roots for a mirror clue;
But find none, save: imagination!)

Toad vs Frog


“Plains Spadefoot Toad” by Tom Hennen

Toads are smarter than frogs.
Like all of us who are not good-looking they have to rely on their wits.
A woman around the beginning of the last century who was in love with frogs wrote a wonderful book on frogs and toads.
In it she says if you place a frog and a toad on a table they will both hop.
The toad will stop just at the table’s edge, but the frog with its smooth skin and pretty eyes will leap with all its beauty out into nothingness.
I tried it out on my kitchen table and it is true.
That may explain why toads live twice as long as frogs.
Frogs are better at romance though.
A pair of spring peepers were once observed whispering sweet nothings for thirty-four hours.
Not by me.
The toad and I have not moved.

“Plains Spadefoot Toad” by Tom Hennen, from Darkness Sticks to Everything.

Palm- Crumpled Rumpled Pummeled

Palm Tree Blowing in the Wind Photo by Quenby

Palm Tree
Blowing in the Wind
Photo by Quenby

On Palm Sunday

crumpled, rumpled palm
shrouded King proclaimed “Zealot”
grace never waivers.

Bob Boy: Listen to Your Heart

waiting for us was painful:
dressing in your best
hosting the visitors.

in the small space
minutes drag
sap your strength

your heart beat is frail
but your soul is universal
God lifts you to His immensity

We saw David Gatti’s work,
calligraphic greetings,
designs shared

artfully displayed
affectionate galleries
laundry done by family

Next we want a picnic
outdoors; menu your choice
calligraphy decorations

the drive will be swift now
we know the way
to kiss hello, goodbye

to listen to your heart
grateful to know your immensity
your soul’s connections



My struggle is to use the life in order to transcend it, to convert it into legend. Stanley Kunitz

Lady Marion courtesies
Her hand-me-downs
This fine day arrived.

Apparel takes a bow
For camera
And Grandma:

Author of colors
Fabrics, patterns
Costumes of the world.


The pages open
The glance
Submits to legend.

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