New Graphic Novel: The Roller Skating Ant

Cover: The Roller Skating Ant

Cover: The Roller Skating Ant

For a free preview, please go to:

Try to click on the diagonal arrows to fill the screen with the 2 page layout in the Flash Animation.

Definition @23 Art

Tilling the Soil in Vietnam

Tilling the Soil in Vietnam

John Cheever: “Fiction is art and art is triumph over chaos. To celebrate a world that bewilders us like a stupendous dream.”

October 23: Writers’ Almanac Podcast

art triumphs over

chaos: bewilderment fades

in celebration!

David Harrison shares my progress since 2011

Rock 'n Roll @ David's Poetry Workshop

Rock ‘n Roll @ David’s Poetry Workshop

New post on Children’s Author David L. Harrison’s Blog

Update from Jeanne Poland
by davidlharrison
Hi everyone,
I asked for updates on writing experiences from anyone who has attended previous poetry workshops. One of the original SWAP 8+1 members, Jeanne Poland, was the first to respond. I am not surprised. Jeanne is always prompt and I relied on her to keep me on schedule at the workshops she attended. She is a former nun, retired teacher, gifted artist, and dedicated poet. Here are her own words. Thanks Jeanne!

1 David introduced me to a blog on WordPress, and to daily posting.
I was able to purchase media space and post high-res photos, films, links and marvelous graphics which satisfy my appetite
for illustrations.

2 The replies and comments on various poetry blogs enrich my days immeasurably.

3 Highlights Foundation is my new Writing, Illustrating and Publishing Academy.
The artists are a dignified social circle too.

4 Blurb, an independent author/publishing firm, has guided me in the publication of 13 books.
You can see previews of them for free at:

5 Working on-line has saved me much travel time, and linked me to the global world of art.

6 I continue to be stimulated by the networking with “live poets in live time” and the art shows held at the galleries here in NY.

7 Finally, my days are sprinkled with the joys of the 3 and 5 year old grand children, who also love to rhyme and initiate great art:

Jeanne Poland

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Definition #22 History


Glasswork by Chihully in Tacoma

Infinity pushed

by finite power until

time and space unite!

Definition #21 Intimacy

Through the layers

Through the layers

you see-in-to-me

through the heat of colors-rays

penetrate my space

Definition #20 Psychic Senses

Kavi with his rare Jordanian camel

Kavi with his rare Jordanian camel

intuition in

my lap-light in eye beholds

the wonder that’s you!

Definition #19 Speck

in Jordan Tee Zahan

in Jordan
Tee Zahan

Love the speck that is you
the spectacle that you create
the crackle in the sand
the spinnaker at the top

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