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My Treasure's in the Cloud!

My Treasure’s in the Cloud!

Red Hair Haiku:

red hair roast aflame
robust rogue – riotous rave
undulate elder


Oliver sends his CrazyPhotoBooth Selfie to Don

Oliver sends his CrazyPhotoBooth Selfie to Don

Don creates his crazy selfie without the app:
Don's Natural Photo Booth Restyle

Don’s Natural Photo Booth

Selfie Haiku

distortion puzzle
pinch-pull, squeeze-stretch, blow-suck cheeks:
helium features.

Who put the twirl in O’s face?

Oliver in real time

Oliver in real time

Oliver in Crazy Photo Booth

Oliver in Crazy Photo Booth

Blurb, my book editing site, has forecast the future of “books as we know them”.
See: if you want to read for yourself:


Every page will have an illustration (not necessarily in words)

Notice above the real close-up of Oliver. Then see what his sister did with it in “Crazy Photo Booth’s twirl option.
The 3 and 5 year olds changed the view on an app on an iPhone, deleted the ugly results, and giggled at the funny renditions.
Here’s the poem to go with the illustration:

Haiku in Photo Booth

eyes askew, nose scrunched-
neck pinched thin: ate up chin-lips
could fit on pin: poof!

Sirens Blaring!

engine #30

At 3AM my carbon monoxide detector tweeted me awake 3 nights in a row. Batteries were replaced.
I became more and more cranky with sleep privation.
I called 911 to get fireman advice.
The City of Hudson sent this beautiful contingent in full regalia!

Did you know?

The law requires a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of a house. The 9-volt battery covers when the electric is out.Read the life of these devices on the back. Change battery every year. Check other 3 fire detectors at the same time.

In my HOA there is no building manager, no house alarm company to call the fire department. I have to purchase and maintain the detectors or speed dial Michael
who does it all immediately and disposes of the radio-active devices at the dump.

Oh great tiny city of Hudson
thank you for the details.

I’m as hungry as a …


I’m as hungry as a fang
dripping juices that hang

ready to burn the tongue below
I know you know how drops can blow

a hole clear through like bites
that melt the bumps and glow like lights

hungry holes that hang and blow
and bite and glow like lights below

my fangs.



on the move

on the move



Some People Think

that poetry should be adorned
or complicated

I’m not so sure
I think I’ll take

the simple statement
in plain speech compressed to brevity

I think that will do
all I want to do.

“Some People Think” by James Laughlin from The Collected Poems of James Laughlin. © New Directions, 2014. Reprinted with permission.

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