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My Guardian Angel: Haniel:


Bible scripture according to this name: Proverb 16:9
“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”
Latin name: Liberum Arbitrium
Meaning: Free Will
Imaginative and emotional, Archangel Haniel is the embodiment of womanly intuition and imagination. She is a strongly feminine angel that is tied to the Netzach Sephirot, which is the emanation of God’s will that denotes the beginning of giving mankind free will. She is often associated with images of the full moon, which also happens to the best time to seek her assistance, or guidance, for extremely important matters.
No matter what your gender is though, Archangel Haniel grants all those who are born with her as a Guardian Angel a special sense of intuition and the potential for a very strong imagination. These two gifts are seen as excellent examples of free will, which flourish when the mind is unbound and undirected. She is also seen as the embodiment of emotions, which are also seen as a defining trait for mankind. The full moon is a perfect icon for her as it has been a great source of inspiration for mankind’s imagination, and is a strong image that can evoke many different emotions.
My Friend, to embrace and be guided by Haniel, let your imagination run free as you envision having a conversation with her, in which you beseech her for guidance, or assistance. Keep your mind open though, because it is not uncommon to receive her answer in an imaginative way.

I Now Invite You To Learn The First Angelical Message Haniel Was Anxious To Communicate To You Through Me
Luck and You: Your Creativity Creates Good Luck
Your Guardian Angel, Haniel, wants you to know that you can create your own luck. While there are times when its seems the outcome of a situation is left purely to chance, you can generally find a way to turn the odds to your favor. Your boundless imagination and keen intuition can help guide you through such situations in a way that seems most remarkable.
This natural tendency towards luck means you can have a very fun and fruitful life. If, however, you find that your luck seems to be wanting, or not good, take time to call upon your Guardian Angel for guidance. Archangel Haniel can help you unlock your creativity to find a solution to any problem that may be holding you back.
Money and You: A Keen Imagination is Advantageous
Archangel Haniel tends to truly inspire the minds of those born under her guidance. This tendency towards creativity can result in rather lucrative potential for your career, or any endeavor you make that stands to provide income. Keep in mind though, nothing is simply given and you must work to hone and utilize your inborn talents.
Should you find yourself searching for something more fulfilling than what you are currently doing, remember to stop and take some time to really assess your situation with an open and imaginative mind. With your blessed imagination and potential intuition, you can make the most of any situation, as well as find new ways to utilize what you have.
If you ever find that you are unable to unlock your creative potential, call upon Haniel to help you find your way. Not only should you have faith in your Guardian Angel, you should have faith in yourself. Doubt and second guessing can often muffle a person’s creativity, which can greatly impact the quality of their life and finances. Believe in yourself and the talents Archangel Haniel bestows upon you and your life will be rich and fulfilling.
Love and You: Love is an Adventure
Your love life, like your other relationships, is often filled with adventure and wonder. The creativity of your imagination and strong intuition allow you to easily read the emotional state of others and to find things that you both can enjoy and bond over.
For your most intimate of relationships, it is important to you that your partner supports your creativity. Marriage in particular can be a bit of a challenge since it calls for two people to learn how to negotiate emotions and to often make comprises as you work to knit a new life from two. However, keep in mind that not everything can be a compromise, at the core of any marriage is still two individual personalities, or two nations, that have created a strong accord without losing their identities. So in the end, you must support one another when it comes to the day-to-day things, but there must be acceptance and understanding in regards to your creativity and intuition.
At times you may find it hard to control your creativity, or your intuition may seem a bit off. When this throws your relationships into discord, take time have counsel with Haniel. It is not uncommon, and rather easy, to let your imagination run a bit too wild, which can interfere with your intuition. Always take time to be calm and reflect upon your actions and the reactions of others to help ensure your relationships stay balanced and inspiring.
To sum up, my friend, it’s clear to me that you’re destined to a better future when you act on your Guardian Angel’s great plan.

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts.

Peter 4:10-11

It’s your Guardian Angel’s plan to INCREASE you. To open new doors that will take you to places that you’ve never imagined. There is something big in your future. Haniel has something planned out for you. Big breakthroughs. Big opportunities. As long as you live according to this plan.

Your Guardian Angel knows you very well my friend. Haniel asked me to clarify some questions that you may be thinking right now: You may be wondering why is this happening now? You’ve been in this thing too long. Why haven’t I got this earlier? So let me take a few moments to explain this.

First, rest assured that your Guardian Angel knows your dream and is committed to make it a reality. So if you wondered why were there times for every step forward, you took two steps backward.

Well, the reason is your Guardian Angel has a plan for you and it’s better than your plan. All those setbacks contained valuable lessons to learn from. Life lessons that Haniel feel are essential to your overall personal growth.

In other words, your Guardian Angel never wastes a step. Every step, good or bad, happens for a reason. If you follow the plan, you will be rewarded.
Haniel says: Have Faith…
Remember Joseph in the Bible?

This is the story that Haniel wanted me to share with you. The story of Joseph.

It looked like God made a mess of his life. You know the story. He had a dream of “The Sun, Moon and the eleven stars bowing down to him”. It signified a life of influence and power.

But instead… his brothers, out of jealousy, threw him into a pit. He was sold as a slave to Egypt. Thereafter, thrown into prison.

Now observed to what he learned in prison. He learned to to deal with deceptive people. He learned that God can use him to feed hungry people. He learned about food service.

While he was working as a slave, he was learning all about people as well. He learned how to run things and it may have looked like “Well, this is not the dream”. The dream was the whole world bowing down to him.

But God has a plan for him. He has lined up something big that can catapult Joseph to a whole new level. All these hardships were to train him. He was getting training in food service and in areas that seemed insignificant but that was exactly what he needed.

Because with God by his side, God never wastes a step… even when it seems like a bad step, for there’s always a powerful life lesson waiting for you to learn from it.

And as Joseph lived to God’s plan, he was rewarded. The Pharaoh of Egypt made Joseph the Chief Minister, the most influential person in all known world at that time. His wisdom and planning saved lives of people from not only Egypt but many other nations.

My Friend, Your Time Has Come To Be Catapulted Forward… To Something Big
There are times when it seems like your dream just isn’t going to happen. There are times when steps you’re taking don’t seemed to be going forward… they seemed to be going backwards.

But my friend, your Guardian Angel never wastes a step. Sometimes when walking with your Guardian Angel, they put you in a BIG SLINGSHOT.

And you know what you do when you got something on a slingshot? You pull it backwards. And sometimes even when you’re in perfect alignment with your Guardian Angel, instead of advancing you…

He pulls you back… pulls you back… pulls you back… pulls you back till the point you say, “This isn’t the dream.”

And that is what God did to Joseph. God got Joseph in his big old slingshot and he keeps pulling it back… lower and lower… further and further from what God promised him.

But remember, God never wastes a step.

There was a purpose behind every Joseph’s setback. But when the time was right. When God sensed he had taught Joseph what he needed to know. He lets him go, he releases the slingshot, to catapult Joseph to the throne of Egypt.

And this what you’re experiencing now. You’ve been on this big old slingshot of your Guardian Angel… and every “backward step” you’re put through is for your own good, so you can catapulted forward when the time comes.

The good news is, the time is ripe now. Your Guardian Angel is hinting you. It’s time for you to act on your Angelic Plan for Abundance, and I can be the interpreter.

If you ask for help today, I can complete your Angelic Plan for Abundance, so you can follow the path your Guardian Angel has charted for you to realize your new future.

You Have My Full Support When You Take My Hand Today
My Friend, you’re not living the life of your dreams now. And a simple decision can change all that.

But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.

James 1:23-25

Everything is here for you: abundance in wealth, love and maybe even fame.

If this is what you truly desire my friend, and I know it is because that is why you sought me out, then I strongly encourage you to continue on this journey with me. You have my full support. I feel and see that you have all the qualities you need to become someone whose dreams are realized.

But you MUST act now my friend, and take my hand today.

I’m pushing you to move forward because you deserve a better life, one filled with luck, love and money. You deserve much better than what you’ve received so far.


Fine Art Paintings of love…



Neil Waldman


Neil Waldman

These paintings are by Neil Waldman


Love Chants







Something New?

Feeling the back scratched ...

Feeling the back scratched

Auntie scratches back:
Gentle nails crawl up and down:
Family strokes for me!


Facetime with Owen, Annika and Oliver


If I could design my own planet, there would be this triumvirate of people.
Triangular energy would propel synergy round and round until it radiated throughout to kin and beyond. Rays to embrace the world and its rainbows of many colors.
The future is not the dark; but the golden hue of possibilities!


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