JeanneOnOxygen2019selfie of Jeanne and her supplemental Oxygen


while in hospital

I purified myself

of alpha-lipoic acid

which eases wrinkles away

so they came around to smile.

My crooked teeth began to recede

as I ground the poor caps.

They smiled with the oxygen too;

it energized them.

Finally, my eye lids grew puffy.

Turmeric relieved the swelling.

But before I got home,

they smiled too.

My whole face

my whole body and soul

smiled with oxygen

and the ability to breath well!

Shouts and Whispers


patches, shouts, turns, leans,

tip-toes topped  with whispers,

whiskers, wrinkles, whimpers



art by Walter Koessler


furry wrinkles run

away when muscles chase them

up into the clouds

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