human seed


human embryo on the head of a pin


Family Vacation

by John Kenney

This is relaxing

I think to myself

on the first day
of our vacation

as I hide

in the men’s room

of a Roy Rogers

at a rest stop

just off bumper-to-bumper I-95

while the kids

continue fighting

with tennis racquets

in the back seat.

And only five more hours to go.

I don’t want to leave this place

I whisper aloud.

Neither do I

says the man in the next stall.
“Family Vacation” by John Kenney from Love Poems (for People with Children). G.P. Putnam’s Sons © 2019. Reprinted with permission.



iPhone6+ shot of poster in my library


Choose to whisper



each found treasure


illuminating research



library of life:

your personal memory stacks.


Neil Waldman

illustrator Neil Waldman


by Andrew Gent

Every poem has been written before
at least fifteen times.
Every song
sung better.

The Neanderthals discovered caves
already painted with the story of their lives.
They invented fire
over and over again.

And you & I
whisper the same sweet nothings
we were born with.

“History” by Andrew Gent from Explicit Lyrics. © The University of Arkansas Press, 2016.

Pattern #26 Komodo Dragon

Kumodo Dragon by Quenby

Komodo Dragon
by Quenby

scales slip, slither slide
slink through space, a whisper sigh:
tongue to souls nearby!

Pattern #2 Dragonfly Wings


Zebra stripes whip fast
Lightning bolts in black zig-zag
Whisper energy!

Tongue Twister #35 Distance 6

Photo by Seth Snap


Hailstones whipping
Moss creeping
Moss algae
Ice freezing

Hail flying
Moss grabbing
Moss clinging
Hail climbing

Hail cuts
Moss cowers
Moss shelters
Hail showers

Hail shouts
Moss whispers
Moss whimpers
Hail twisters

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