For a Change
by Connie Wanek

Earth had become a job that required
constant customer support.
Humans didn’t seem to understand
the basics of their service.
Mrs. God suggested a standard message
when people first connected:
The Kingdom of God is within you.
“Honestly I think it gives them
a sense of agency,” she said.

But God thought the problem stemmed
from a confusing owners’ manual.
“Some of these translations are inscrutable,”
he said, paging through the dense instructions.
“What about a series of drawings,
where steps would be illustrated with a
puzzled little angel, sort of like IKEA?
And of course an extensive
FAQ on the website.”

“It’s worth a try,” said Mrs. God. “The most
important thing is that people know
they’re getting accurate information.”
“For a change,” said God.

“For a Change” by Connie Wanek. Used with the permission of the author.

Nov 7, 2020

What is an Authorpreneur?

George Velez reads his book: "How to Make Friends in space"

George Velez reads his book: “How to Make Friends in space”

HowToMakeFriendsinSpace copy
Tony, a robot friend in George's Book

Tony, a robot friend in George’s Book

George sketches for his second book to come soon

George sketches for his second book to come soon

Please visit George’s website to see his work and bio:!george-velez/c1ktj

Here are some gems I learned from Blurb:
1 For the self-publisher, consistent behavior is critical; not lofty goals.
2 Since 2006, attention is the currency being traded.
3 When I process a book, I will publish it in 3 forms for 3 different budgets, eg. a graphic novel in hard cover, soft cover and magazine format.
4 Build a platform, develop visibility, credibility, a playful voice, a persona.
5 Primary on your website, begin with what action do you want people to take?
6 Have professionals review your book.
7 Enjoy seeing the Blurb personnel you have met through emails for the last 3 years.
8 The Make-Shift Society is a safe and open venue for security, caterers, gentle sharing and individual networking. The Bluberati and guests get 5 stars: Jane Friedman, Amy Holman Edelman, Craig Morgan Teicher, Brenda Van Camp, Daniel Milnor, Miral Satter.

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