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Sentences using some of these contronyms:

(Using a word 3x is supposed to imprint it on your vocabulary)


1 My daughter has mysophobia, and she’s getting a dose of it during this pandemic.

2 In my watercolors I frequently dust fine particles of color to suggest a texture.

3 The stallion bolted as soon as the bolt was secured!



art by J Byron Schnacher


weather is like i-

magination: can’t predict

without bike in sky


bird on a tin roof

polar bear at handle bars

floating formulas



art by Nicolaj


no weather concerns:

sandwich trip to Cape Cod be-

tween frigid and snow!

Guardian Angel




sharp on the look-out

through clouds, wind, weather, cosmos

missile with my name

Definition #195 Simplicity

From my face to Annika's 2015

From my face to Annika’s


Make the complex simple

awesomely simple;

that’s creativity!

translucent diadems.

Charles Mingus

Thoughts too weak:

make the complex simple;

empty them, start again:

they’re beyond cognition.

Luc de Claplers

Try for plainness


make the complex simple

polished core revealed.


Birdsong, sky and weather:

luminous and spare;

look through them to see the world;

make the complex simple!

Stanley Kunitz



lichen licks bark
like weather grows
cells proclaiming
our perennial sifting
of its elements.


Etihad 777 flight

Southwest, orange, red and blue
breaks the sound barrier of my ears.
Sings and jokes; stretches, bends
small details ’til they’re snug; no fears!

Breaks the sound barrier of my ears:
flies above 30,000 feet of clouds:
hums its path ‘bove westward planes below.

Sings and jokes; stretches, bends
in cabin’s curves: accommodate each soul:
infants, old, and broken boned.

Small details ’til they’re snug: no fears!
the weather’s fair; the night sky drops its skirts
on sleepy tired folks who land and find their rest.

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