Spring Sprang

wild turkeys
Yesterday Spring sprang!
On the way home from Poetry Reading at the library, in the car, we spied:
2 wild turkeys crossing the road
1 jack rabbit
3 deer
1 woodpecker
3 waving children
several goldfinch
1 carpenter bee
several beetles
Mediterranean wasps
a million dandelions
and many squashed bugs across the windshield of the newly waxed car.

At night, I went right to sleep. All were exactly where they ought to be!

Annika, at three years old, is awestruck at:

Annika, at three years old, is awestruck at:

Giant beings
Thunderous clappings

Father’s hands
Mom’s commands

Cyclone’s howl
Wasp’s sharp jowl

Crushing weights
Slamming gates

Clanging locks
Darkness’ knocks


But, most of all,
Mother love
Father love
Brother love!

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