Male Pattern Blindness


Don in his batman glasses

Can’t see the stains on the runner on stairs

Or dried drops on kitchen and counters;

Can’t smell the barbeque sauce  in trashcan

Or spills on the white wall behind.

Fantasies, warriors, scantily clad

Cartoons and photos and videos pink;

On these I can focus mid rumpus and riot

No blindness where breath takes wing!

Pattern #56 Warriors

neutral colors align

neutral colors align

warriors align – stack-
wait-watch sun up-sun down:point-
march onward serving.

Open Mike at Roe Jan Library

Open Mike
at Roe Jan

The men marched up
To click and quip.
Intelligent gents
Word warriors.
At attention!
Firing rounds!!

The women
And rocked their newborn
Twirled their lullabies
“Til comfort clothed us all.
And blessed, we bowed our heads.

All rights.
Jeanne Poland

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