Archetype 15


peeking from a perch


clear view, vision, vista

from above:bird’s eye view-

seeped in owl wisdom

Healing: vision-receive-give





give love–whole-healing……

Definition #228 Family Activity

Oliver sculpts the bike path.

Oliver sculpts the bike path.

Camden helps to build the path.

Camden helps to build the path.

tools, sweat, breath, vision

mountain bike by-ways take form

art and labor dance!

 “Good writing is always about things that are important to you, things that are scary to you, things that eat you up.” —John Edgar Wideman

Click! Goes the Shutter…

Matriarchal Ancestry

Work of sight is done; now do the heart work on the pictures within you.
Rainier Maria Rilke

Click! goes the shutter on the glitter that is you!
The vibrant color of your stance:
The chance that I might model you:
An athlete’s discipline.

Click! goes the shutter on the chatter that you speak!
The truth articulated:
I want to plant the words:
Then cultivate their growth.

Click! goes the shutter on the matter that you bring!
The vision that you carry:
To the altar of your life:
To offer as a blessing to us all.

A dedication to Emily.


Dara Lurie

Went to a Self-Publishing Workshop last eve at the Germantown Library. Dara Laurie led it with her book: Great Space of Desire (Writing for Personal Evolution). Dara encouraged the 20 writers in attendance to live serendipitously, to create, connect, collect and grow organically. She designs innovative, experiential and transformative writing programs which disclose the true voice of the writer.

Notes I took:
1 Write ’til you have a critical mass.
2 Have an objective editor. To test facts, research.
3 Find a marketing vision
4 Barter, teach, budget
5 Promote
6 Specify what others will love about your book.
Know how your passion serves others.
7 Pinpoint your target market
8 Define your niche.

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