the green chakra


This morning I read

the sacred scripture in church

a vibrant green chakra

vibrated  with violet.


It was the heart chakra claiming me for self sacrifice

to act as a vibrant channel pf grace

to find my gift: co creator

and to grow in wisdom and courage

at one in Christ

Definition #334 Crayola Explosion

Glue crayons and melt with a hair dryer on canvas

                                          Glue crayons and melt with a hair dryer on canvas

red orange yellow

green blue indigo violet

rainbow spectrum dance

Day One: Definition #241 rainbow arches

rainbow arches

rainbow arches




Vernal Equinox


Lonely in the vastness?

Rotate round renew!
Faith unfolds
To hold you fast:
Magnetic field of daisy arms.

Lonely in the field?

Face the sun;
Drink the rays,
Yellow to green
To violet light:
Spirits joined!

Lonely ’til you pray!


Golden Pond2

Take the yellow out-
The world turns cold.
Yellow-bellied fools
Make courage bold.

Sunlit yellow
Transforms to lime;
Turns cool and then
It’s violet’s time.

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