Poetry Reading July18, 2013

We enjoyed our Poetry Reading, singing and view of Jeanne’s family of self-published e-books.
Several artists learned how to publish on Blurb.com.

Quenby Poland’s photos in the books and frames were

Even Oliver and Annika , at 2 and 4 years of age participated.

Who knew Columbia Greene College could
welcome all ages to their halls to celebrate life, love and fine art without a wrinkle in time?

If you have trouble viewing this video, try using the Vimeo link, and watch it on your browser.

2 Two Wheelers

Wow! A two year old and a 4 year old ride two wheel bikes without training wheels.
Behold the bold ones on their own bike trails at home (on the range in Austerlitz, NY).
Poppa, a mountain biker and trail maker, has fashioned the trails in the woods to facilitate their tricks and new “flippy-do’s”. (Oliver’s term)
The video is shot with an iPhone 4s and then shared to Vimeo and embedded in the blog post.

2 Two Wheelers from Jeanne Poland on Vimeo.

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