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If there was ever a time to talk about fate and destiny it’s now. Transformation always goes with choice. And choice puts a person at a crossroads between their fate and destiny which are two profound mystical elements in life. Fate is when you relinquish your power of choice to the circumstances around you. When you give up. Destiny is when in that moment you write the end of your story. Destiny always leads you to a path you did not anticipate. It always leads you into the world your soul takes charge of.

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss




Jeanne’s latest book with her caught in the chaos of sticking to priorities


A quandary sent to my pastor this am in response to her text for Sunday’s sermon:

Hi my favorite priest!

Every day I look forward to your sacred communiques!

And I have to prioritize:
1 Do I do a hand calligraphy of the sacred scripture to frame and give away? or
2 Do I meditate further on the proper of the Sunday Mass as presented with music, video, text and divine inspiration? or
3 Do I attend to an endless list of medical follow ups for both Don and I? or  
4 Do laundry, vacuum, shop for groceries, cook or attend to household chores? or
5 Do I face-time my grown children, sister, brothers, vulnerable neighbors and friends, and grandchildren?

Sometimes the pandemic cuts through with immediate needs.
Do we have the correct masks?
Is planting flowers for mother’s day an essential task?

You make the scripture louder than everything else as it should be.

Thank you for your holy touch.

Simplicity (Understood communication)


hearing test


sometimes we need mime;

others: video, still shots,

cuddles, mail and texts…


For children of all ages:

e-books with video and sound recordings
fetching layouts
extraordinary paper products
professional printing
ISBN numbers
access to Amazon and i-Books
suburb design examples
literary community


A Mortimer Minute (A Poetry Bunny Hop)

Watch those bunny teeth!

Watch those bunny teeth!

Bunny Question #1:
What does it take to be a children’s poet?

Bunny Question #2
Do poets use slang?
Often. They call it “colloquialism”. And it works well when it rings with meter, rhyme and local flavor.

Bunny Question #3
Can a poem have no words?
Some poems are sounds like this one from Germany.

I am touched by Joy Acey’s invite to spend a Mortimer Minute with these lively poets who preceeded me.
Feel free to visit their blogs:

Here is a video of me reading one of my favorite poems.

I would like to invite all those poets who take time to visit this blog to take a Mortimer Moment.
Just reply in the comments section if you are interested.

August Movie of Mini-Bikers

My son, Owen, has rallied the mini-bikers to show their mountain biking tricks for my iPhone camera.
I edited the video in iMovie on the newest MacBookPro. Hope you enjoy the double screen.

If you want a poem about the crew, go to:



Yesterday I watched a zooming
Video on Face-time, while Annika,
My three year old granddaughter,
Ran pell-mell around her house
Showing me the homemade Easter
Eggs and baskets filled with
Hyperactive chocolates and sugar highs.
Her thumb muted the sound
So iPhone switched to silent
Movies flashing ceilings, sky, crib-
She jumped my eyes senseless!!!!!

Jeanne Poland
All rights

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