Pattern #67 Rose Colored Glasses

Photo by Quenby

Photo by Quenby

Rose colored glasses
tint the day with valentines
sweet smelling petals

Slalom Valentines

Act One


It’s cold on Catamount.

The mountain shivers.

Her breath steams white

When Jeanne confides to Lydia.


“I love the way Nariz is so straightforward.

He never follows the pack.

Just faces forward

To friend or foe

And tells you

Where he stands.”


Lydia nods:

“You have a crush on him.

But he does show courage.

And the two of you are cool athletes together.”


Neatly, they line up the snowboards

For the Winter Olympics,

With its downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating.


Jeanne sighs:

“I can’t wait to dance around the fireplace at the lodge.”

(Evening seems faraway.)


Act Two


It’s time for the race!

“Bang!” And they’re off!

Faster and faster!

Nariz twists his body

Past the flag

Through the gate,

Gaining speed.

Snow flies everywhere!


He zips on long skies

Poles glistening

Helmet fixed.


He races at 80 miles an hour,

Jumps off the 13′ ramp,

Somersaults into an ariel

And lands crunch, on soft snow.


In the air

He aces Daffies, Front Tucks and Back Scratcher moves.



The free-stylers do moguls.

Their knees flex like giant shock absorbers.


Lydia comments:

“First the run

Then the Daffy

Finally the score!”


Nariz excels with razor precision.

He even enters the luge run at 90 miles an hour

With his spiked gloves for push off.


At sunset,

A glittering gold medal is placed around his neck.

All those months of practice pay off.


Act Three


In the moonlight,

Jeanne and Nariz dance a Tango for

Figure Skating.

They win a bronze medal for




And placement.



Jeanne surprises everyone

With a special display.

She slaloms and crisscrosses


Flying a sequined banner

With sparkling stars.


Snowplowing to a stop

She presents it to Nariz.


It reads

“Be my Valentine!”

The two athletes

Wrap themselves together.

And snow step gratefully

Down the mountain

And into the night.


by Jeanne Poland


All rights reserved.



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