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Outside Ordinary

The identity crisis:
Am I Teacher? Business Owner? Volunteer? Writer? Desktop Publisher?
Lost in 1099s,

Before retirement, collecting data for the IRS was simple. Bureaucratic forms arrived, got their paperclips and were assembled in sequence.
Now that I’m a creative artist, I don’t fit in a 1099. My accountant tells me: All expenses must be reasonable and ordinary.
By contrast, every poem I write must be innovative. Every video a new perspective.
I can’t be a teacher and a student at the same time; have to have a column heading over my head every time I spend money to perform, sing, publish, learn, discover.
Car miles count, but no air travel is allowed.
Unless I make a profit, my business is a hobby. IRS wants to see the total income from my poems, books and videos if I want to count processing them as deductions.
Meanwhile, before I collect it, money from investments, pension and social security is deducted.

Poem for Two Voices:

Thevibrantchanneledcreator                                                                                      IRS

I fly                                                                                                           Fits in a blank box
Moves to music                                                                                      Tallies
Runs on passion                                                                                     Ratchets totals
Conjures courage                                                                                    Regulates
Soul searches                                                                                           Devours
Integrates                                                                                                  Calculates
Hopes                                                                                                         Expects
Artists                                                                                                        Accountants

All rights reserved
Jeanne Poland

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