TSA Pope

agents for the Pope’s Visit (Google Images)


Albany Airport, NY


In January three years ago,

I had a harrowing experience @ Albany Airport

with the TSA.

On my trip to Phoenix,

in April, 2017,

two agents

who I’ll call “Big Gel” and “Little Gel”

because of their hair styling,

treated me with utmost respect,

and I noticed a complete renovation of the whole area’s staging.

Southwest Airlines did well

and when I had to phone the TSA from Sedona

about my missing key fob for my car

they went out of their way to verify that my car was safely parked

where I had left it

in the short term parking.

They examined my needed meds and diabetic food stuffs


and acknowledged my age of 76 years

with deference.

TSA knows me now.

It’s a pleasure having their acquaintance!

Definition #113 TSA

Ma'am, I'm going to have to pat you down........

I’m going to have to pat you down……..

Homeland Security’s Ten Commandments

1 Honor the travelers. They are not suspects.

2 Assign one agent only to wheelchair travelers. He or she shall face the traveler at all times.

3 If a carry-on needs to be examined, it should be viewed with the traveler seeing all contents with the agent.

4 No medical supplies will be handled by said agent, including all prescription drugs, supplements, dietary supplies, water and whole foods carried on for the journey.

5 The boarding and security pass rendered by the Airlines shall be honored by TSA. There will be no “pat downs”, removal of shoes, or outer garments, emptying of pockets,or other “suspect”treatments, while the carry-on is being examined. No handling of food or medical equipment with sensors or wands.

6 The traveler’s  evidence and statements will have equal weight with the agent’s statements.

7 A wheelchair traveler should have either a handicapped assistant or airlines person to assist her with the TSA pass-through.

8 There should be a way to report an inordinate delay through TSA which affects one’s ability to pre-board the airplane at the gate.

9 On future flights, there should be a recognized status noted on the boarding pass of a traveler who has undergone such intimidating treatment so that it never reoccurs.

10 Travelers will seek out airlines which honor their integrity.

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