archetype: teacher

Jeanne Poland-Quick Silver Calligraphy

in 2005 the lights came to change illusion to illumination

like my mentor, my calling changed from medical intuitive to healer:

Entering the castle by Caroline Myss
“I believe that the divine is everywhere and exists within even the most intimate details of our lives. All that we experience today has its purpose in tomorrow’s events; sometimes, the purpose is not evident for years of tomorrows. Yet, God prepares you for your spiritual journey, no matter how complicated, painful, or demanding it might become. For this reason, patience, trust, and faith must become constants for you; you cannot, and indeed you must not, even attempt to believe you know what is best for you. The divine will reveal its plan for you; you have to be open to receive it.

 It takes great courage to get to know your soul. This is because, once you do come to know it-and engage its power and live according to its authority-the divine itself will come to call. Once you are conscious of your soul, you are likely to be ‘called.’ Facing that call also requires courage because it can take you to both intensely light and intensely dark places.”

~ Caroline Myss















IMG_3458On February 5, 2020, Quenby designed this birthday feast at home



and then on Valentine”s Day, Jeanne transitioned back to a hospital gown as AMC’s ER again brought her back from respiratory arrest

The look means she transitioned from self care to trust as Quenby and her Mom switched from self care to trust and compliance. AMC met my every need. I was able to share with my 3 different room mates in a cardio-thoractic unit from heaven. The more mobile I got, the more independence I won. That led to 3 showers taken by myself and an acquaintance with everyone in the hallways, day and night. They loved all my styling: hot colors of robes, slippers, tiny Museum of Modern Art Light, and Lavender no crack lanolin cream. That stuff made my IV’s fall out by themselves.

Now I have a drain in place to heal the pleural efusion (Pleur-X), and my mobile talents are sustaining  me at home once again.

Your pet animals are waiting for you…


your pets are waiting to welcome you to heaven


the relationship went 2 ways

mutually caring

a tail wagging

continual show of loyalty




and open-hearted kisses!

A Loving Mate


Photo from pre-red hair Jeanne


Want to share how elder couples show tenderness 3 days before Valentines Day:

I had an accident leaving my car in the garage and had to clean the floor, car, clothes, body, bathroom, shower, mop, etc etc. Meanwhile messages were coming in from my son and daughter that required responses!

It took 2 hours to clean up and restore freshness.

When I confided to Don what had happened, he helped me finish the clean up, and then offered to rub my feet with lavender, scratch my back to help me sleep, and promised to do more of this when needed. In between, several jokes about the incident kept us laughing!

Once again we got a great taste of elder intimacy.

Recipe: trust, patience, sense of humor, loyalty!

Healing in the moment

Magdalena Arthen and Jacob50thWeddingAnn

Lena and Jacob @ their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday I encountered Tony, a friend I healed in July.

He was glowing, and filled with thanks.

Gave me hope for the next healing.


My loyal friends (Spirit Guides) show me new options.

I submit. Trust. Redeem the relationship. Exercise patience.

Celebrate the healing.

Every day the 200 year old crucifix from Germany and my Grandmother, guides me

Her verdant snake plant graces my living room.

I  acquiesce and care for these icons of Lena’s faith, devotion, and matriarchal tenderness;

take my place at the head of the tribe.

Only my roots are wild beneath the ground.

The buds are well cultivated in the sun.

In 2008…


there was a honeymoon in Hawaii


and a nine year trip

began with music, trust and

understanding grown

Portal #8 Trust


head-on   eye-level   all

embracing look from inner space

trust’s own child divine


Meredith'sHockey Bruise

photo by Meredith DeLoca

caught between fight/flight

choose trust: the grace within to

breathe and wait and know

Definition #158 Epoch Party

Aneli, Owen, Jeanne,Quenby in Waltham

Aneli, Owen, Jeanne,Quenby
in Waltham


 picture’s worth thousands

of words, music, colors, glee,

trust, hope, endless love

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