are my eyes always the windows of my soul?



or is a transparent window a way to read better for the deaf?

Hurrah for lip reading!


in an age of masks

fashions lead the way to see


my soul

Debbie Smith Wagner

my soul

my soul
is a cat
sitting on the peak of the mountain
whiskers trembling.

my soul
is a stream
bubbling down the ravine
smoothing the stones
’til they glow,

my soul
is the light and shadows
growing in the woods
silhouetted by the leaves

all rights

TRANS port


TRANS port
By Jeanne Poland

Tick tock click!
Out crawled “TRANS”
New for 2013
From the great beyond!

TRANS acts: carries on.
TRANS actions: proceeds.

TRANS cends: exceeds
TRANS actional: therapy for the ego.

TRANS scribes: TRANS scription
Arrangements of lyrics and music.

TRANS ept: cross shaped church
Right angle to nave.

TRANS fer: convey
TRANS figure: change form

TRANS fix: impale
TRANS form: change appearance

TRANS former: charge electricity
TRANS ient: fleeting

TRANS it: across
TRANS sition: passing

TRANS literate: change languages
TRANS som: top of door

TRANS parent: light rays
TRANS pose: change order

TRANS verse: cross wise
TRANS poet: moves in verse.

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