Pattern #31Bosk


busk bush-a small wood
thicket of bushes bosquet,
boscage, grove, shrubs, trees!

plantation picture!

Ridle#27 Cricket in My Neck

This is nothing short of wonderful!
Love the idioms, accents and banter.
Great ending too.
Listen to today’s poetry almanac for all the expressions owed to Shakespeare.
I think you’ve added to the list.
May I post it on the vibrant…?


Cricket in my Neck
by Catherine Johnson

‘Ouch! Ouch! Got a crick in my neck.’
‘A cricket in your neck? How’d it get in there?
Did it land on your head and crawl through your hair?’
‘No. A crick not a cricket or a tick in the thicket.
Me kneck’s like a wicket once the ball’s knocked the stumps,
so enough about cricket coz your hearings all hicket
lost its seat and its ticket get yer ears checked for lumps.
There ain’t no creepy cricket crawling up and down me hair
just a crick in me kneck like a thorn in foot of bear.’
‘Me ears ‘ave always been this bad, me hearing left me ears ago.
Ain’t no time to doctors go, but cricket green or cricket pitch
or pain in neck much worse than itch is worse than earing nothing much.
Take this cream such and such,’ said Dr. Pardon to Miss Hutch.

Catherine Johnson | April 23, 2013 at 1:18 am

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