Jeanne’s latest book with her caught in the chaos of sticking to priorities


A quandary sent to my pastor this am in response to her text for Sunday’s sermon:

Hi my favorite priest!

Every day I look forward to your sacred communiques!

And I have to prioritize:
1 Do I do a hand calligraphy of the sacred scripture to frame and give away? or
2 Do I meditate further on the proper of the Sunday Mass as presented with music, video, text and divine inspiration? or
3 Do I attend to an endless list of medical follow ups for both Don and I? or  
4 Do laundry, vacuum, shop for groceries, cook or attend to household chores? or
5 Do I face-time my grown children, sister, brothers, vulnerable neighbors and friends, and grandchildren?

Sometimes the pandemic cuts through with immediate needs.
Do we have the correct masks?
Is planting flowers for mother’s day an essential task?

You make the scripture louder than everything else as it should be.

Thank you for your holy touch.

Pattern #45 Invisible Links

Cave in Iceland

Cave in Iceland

weights compress crystal
ice fossils converge:carbon
converts to diamond

sometimes a sweet connection comes to me in text,
or guitar strings,
or e-mail touches.
other times it is a tear in an eye,
or a grateful sigh.
these links of understanding crystallize in my inner cave
and light my way


when frayed,
I find comfort
in filing

has changed
from letters to code…
u know?
We r
zooming by
frazzling words
to burnt signs:

Gone is
the crescendo
in the middle-

How I love my
and the finality of

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