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Philo T Farnsworth
continued to refine his technology. But he was not the only inventor who had been working on electronic television, and the powerful RCA (Radio Corp of America) tried to claim that its own chief engineer, a Russian-born scientist with a Ph.D., had invented it. The patent battle lasted many years, and the key piece of evidence to determine who had invented the television first turned out to be the teenage Farnsworth’s old sketches, which had been kept all that time by his high school chemistry teacher. The court sided with Farnsworth, but even though he had legally won, RCA’s publicity totally overshadowed his, and he never made much money on his patents. He was actually ambivalent about television, which he thought was generally a waste of time.

Farnsworth died of pneumonia in 1971. His final years had been marred by alcohol abuse and debt, and he died virtually unknown. The average television set sold that same year included about 100 items that had been first patented by Farnsworth.

The Traditional Picture Book-Morphed

Jeanne Morphed

Jeanne Morphed

On Blurb:

please enjoy a free preview of my latest book.
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Puzzles in the Sun

Double Selfie in the Sun April 26, 2014

Double Selfie in the Sun
April 26, 2014

Bob's calendar on  made into a puzzle

Bob’s calendar on
made into a puzzle

Of course we’re squinting; we’re sun bathing in E.Providence.

In the shade, we mouse puzzles together on Jigzone. Take any jpg and hone your memory skills with Bob. He patiently plays with our technology as we play and picnic outside the rehab center. We stirred everyone’s interest outside at our picnic.
Mimic away. No copyrights on this experience.

Pattern #29 Down Under

Mac Doctor Down Under  Photo by Jeanne

Mac Doctor
Down Under
Photo by Jeanne

Down Under

Mac Doc’s surgery
On Mac Book Pro: new system
IV plugs to life!

Behold the man who fits below:
double monitor
Bose speakers
3 back-up disks
battery back-up
wireless printer, keyboard, mouse
USB, fire-wire, thunder wire
extreme airport, router,cd’s …..

No attachment is too lowly for him!
Every cable matters!

Have You Seen Don?

iPhone Hut

I’ve lost him.

I’ve searched with screams
Ear buds silence them.

I’ve cried.
Tears don’t penetrate titanium.

So much digital memory:
No room for me.

Cloud can’t carry me:
Emotion weighs too much!

I’m the foreigner:
Mobile vs Tradition,
Come and go vs staying,
Breathing vs battery.

I charge in sleep mode:
Discern TMI.

Don is definitely lost…
I am alone…under the cloud
Wondering where to go…

Poet Laureate

If you want to read the 10 rules for Poets, please enjoy :

Not a bit;
But a byte
Snappy tight!

Jeanne Poland

IPhone Sestina

iPhones Keep Us Company

Off we drive to Albany Med with iPhone
in the pocket, ‘case we need to text
’bout surgeon, or surgery; a message
to the son, the daughter. Seeking privacy
on the speaker phone; I’m the speaker
of anxiety, reaching out to be touched.

In the surgery clinic, I am touched,
offered a pillow, soft like the iPhone
words that hold and soothe me (from a speaker):
Abbreviated, stroking, soothing text
from my loved ones cross Cloud’s privacy:
A sky drawn, cloud blown message.

“It’s the day and age for messaging”
the nurse approves, and nods, as touched
by digital strokes, cloaked in privacy
from family on the iPhone
held in my hand, an I-V text
to shore both hearer and speaker.

against the blood clots:they’re the speaker
of the need for I and D: thrombosis message.
Afraid to rest, afraid to text
All veins and tissues touched
by searches, findings on the iPhone,
settings preferred, protections, privacy.

The screen, it plots my journey privately
for our eyes only, doctors, nurses, patients speaking
the language of health, the language of iPhone,
the images of technology’s father and mother messaged
and sent with healing touches
forwarded, selected, deleted, texted.

OK to read, OK to key, OK to text!
The wonders of this room:window to privacy;
We’re touched by science winking on an iPhone:
honoring eons of evolving, human messages
from air to fire to bone to blood, touched
by all that served; the findings turned to text.

Touched centuries ago by sapient speakers;
text-grunts becoming words; from privacy
to messages, crossed oceans, isles and iPhones.


Design by Katharina Babanovsky

This poem is in the form of a graphic novel. I created it in 2008.



I went to Catholic school
Where virtues reigned!

Posture mattered.
Penmanship won medals.

Kneeling straight
Got approving nods.

Staying in line
Was the sole way to advance.

Now here I am in
Virtual reality.

With a universal view:
From Middle East to China.

USA – a passing view
From satellite.

Sandwiched in
Between script and ancient sages.

Bowing for my bread
Tiny steps to understanding

The power in the clouds
The virtual magnificence of virtue’s child!
All rights Jeanne Poland

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