Is life becoming a video game?


Koessler’s Watercolor of a character wearing his grandmother’s teeth as a necklace (talisman)

a video game?

I have no cables

direct my own integration

arrange my own hero and villains

appear in technicolor

age gracefully

have only 20 digits

my plot is unfolding in eternity

glamour is not my soul’s breath

What I Have Learned

What I Have Learned So Far

Everything and everyone changes.

Everyone has talents.
Honor them.

I keep growing up, in and out…
“Til eternity.

The exercise of choice is human.
Share it.

Jeanne is her genes.
in technicolor.

No balancing required when I’m
on my bum.

Gravity is relative
and just another form of energy.

There is never objectivity between men and women.
They know each other too well.

What you pick up,
you will put down in one form or another.

A poem never ends
since it seeds in you and sprouts in spring.

Jeanne Poland

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