CharJonesGRACIE at Louvre

Gracie at the Louvre


sarcasm is a joke in a thimble

teasing is a cat in arms!


smiling without teeth is a meanie joke

hiding fangs within!


Mona Lisa’s eyes follow you at the museum

The joke’s on you!


Indoors and outdoors in one painting

is a hidden parlor trick!


Leonardo wrote in reverse

He joked in mirror writing!



“notes to self “-poetry prompts by jch

How to Calm Anxiety

Sit  Cuddle Read story Repeat the familiar

Read story
Repeat the familiar

Yesterday was Annika’s first day of pre-school.
Oliver missed her.

Then both parents went for a “short” bike-ride in the woods.
Papa got a flat: they had to walk back, with no cell service.

It was over 2 hours after supper, the children waited, slowly unraveling.
I asked the 3 year old what he wanted to do.
“Read stories about horses from the iPad” he answered.

Two nights ago, we did just that, after swimming.
He almost fell asleep leaning against my shoulder on the couch listening with father and sister.
His loved ones were in place. All was right.

But last night he and his sister had to fend for themselves.
No couch, only teasing, worrying, giggling, screaming, hiding and rebelling.
I unraveled.
No couch, no cuddle, no parent, no story before bed.

Hello Grandma anxiety!
Hello first day of school!

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