iTunes Apps

iTunes Apps

Went to iTunes
to manage my apps;
remove, update, copy,
sequence, align, taps.

Plugged in iPhone
to sort through apps;
those I bought
those been stowed.

Download, upload, copy,
delete; icons pushed
and stacked and sent:
never crashed, never smooched.

Network places them in line
on phone and pad and Mac-book Air;
Neatly stacks them ’til a touch
livens each- a Media Fair!

Bob, You’re in Your Flutter Phase

This AM the sun fluttered through the pine branches...

This AM the sun fluttered through the pine branches…

Bob, you’re in your flutter phase:
Goldfinch, zig-zags to the deck
Sun dancing through the pines
Tap,tap,tapping on the tiles.

Goldfinch zig-zags to the deck
Voids the gaze of predator
Flutters faster than the shutter.

Sun dancing through the pines
Rising resolutely
Mobil steps that shine.

Tap, tap, tapping on the tiles
Soft steps: flourished strokes
Designer’s dreams.


Leave Dance Prints

Leave Dance Prints

Tap your talent on the head;
Raise it up!
Shout it out!
Reproduce it!

Raise it up!
Form a Band of Talents!
Then strut that tune and play it loudly, eve and noon.

Shout it out!
It’s unique like you:
Personalize and do

Reproduce it!
Million-fold! Populate
Creative-fold: young and old!

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