Archetype 8


frowning eyelids


claws frown…own prey…frown-

ing feathers, eyebrows, talons

snowy missile strikes!

Tongue Twister #30: Distance


pet to raptor
rapture met
in feathers

beak of raptor
no back door

claws of raptor
not yet sharp-

baby raptor
tiny squat
knows not what
a raptor does


My Holy Spirit (3)


Gripping talons, wings of protection,
Imperial power, lofty spirit action;
Soars above the world; discriminates ambiguity;
Spirit of Salvation, Redemption, Resurrection.

Imperial power, lofty spirit action
Aristocratic, noble Roman ensign
Radiant as the sun, high and weighty emblem.

Soars above the world, discriminates ambiguity
Balances justice, truth, equality:
Weighty actions, vast authority.

Spirit of Salvation, Redemption, Resurrection
Speeds to comprehension: Father, Son & Spirit:
Mother of all three: Continuity.

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