illustrator: J Byron Schachner


one claw

one peek

one frown

one tail

one twist of yarn

an’ stuffing    f  l   i    e     s      !

Archetype 27


360 view while in flight


flier sees with gut

eyes, sonar, tail, feathers, a

true knowing machine!

Tongue Twister#33 Distance 4

CopsBehind Me


Cop behind
My behind

Tail hung low
Low tail lights

Natural look
Stride for real

Really scared
Scared for life

Stare that rattles
Rattles cool

Swagger school
From the pool

Of warrior dogs
Not for fools!

Tongue Twister # 31 Distance#2


Head to tail
World’s apart
Meow or wail
Wag or dart

Ears point north
Tail points south
‘Cept when curled
Tongue in mouth

Upside down
Eyes blink fast
Tail uncurls
Flag unfurled

Head tucked in
Perfect spiral
Tail wrapped round
Furry gyral.

Riddle #1 Monkey


I swing by the tail
over muddy water.
Slurps quench my thirst.
Who is it
I see
mimicking me?

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