march wind


today is a blustery one: claws cling, feathers sting, and sun cuts the chill


Breeze for your sail

by Claudia Serea

Tonight, the world is an abandoned lot

enclosed by chain link fences,
and us, trapped,

two helpless birds,

two fish caught in nets,

two knotted napkins.

But I’ll say to you,

Hang on, love,

hang on.

Don’t raise your white flags yet.

Don’t surrender.
I’m sending you

a breeze for your sail,

sweet wind of faith.
I’ll blow a lock of hair

off your pale forehead
and sing to you

from far away.
Don’t give up, mi amor.
Together, we’ll hang on

the wires of the world.
We’ll billow, sway,

and flutter.
Soon, the fence will crumble

and we’ll dance.

“Breeze for your sail” by Claudia Serea from TwoXism. 8th House Publishing © 2018. Reprinted with permission.



art by Bill Hillenbrand (illustrator and writer at Kent State U)


the river has its swimming gesture

the trees their sway

the leaves their rustling

the distance its fading color


the floaters their twinkling smiles

A villanelle: My Treasure’s in the Cloud!

My Treasure's in the Cloud!

My Treasure’s in the Cloud!

My treasure’s in the Cloud!
My i-Mac stored it there!
Its debut leaves me proud.

Six poets found it: “wow’d”
My writing in the air!
My treasure’s in the Cloud!

Its rhythm’s hot and loud
My pleasure’s theirs to share
Its debut leaves me proud!

Kerplunk! kerplutz! kerpow!
The beat’s a rock-jazz pair
My treasure’s in the Cloud!

It shakes your rhyme, I vow
Castanets to flair
Its debut leaves me proud!

So jump ‘n sway ‘n clap
‘N snap hands hard on lap
My treasure’s in the Cloud!
Its debut leaves me proud!

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