Heal away Addiction…


Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Today is a special message, one that many people need to hear: you are more than your addiction. It may seem like your entire life, or even just part of your life, revolves around some form of addiction, but your angels are telling you that this isn’t for you. At the back of your head, you may be having thoughts that urge you to stop these bad habits, but you seem unable to.
Keep in mind that not all addictions look alike! Some can be obvious, but there are many quiet ways addictions express themselves. From compulsive shopping, to romantic obssessions, to eating unhealthy or too much food, to gambling online or offline, to jumping from one bad relationship to another, to self-destructive behaviors like drugs or alcohol getting out of hand, to self-harm.
These can all be addictive acts that are draining you and taking away from your life. Your angels are telling you that you are ready to kick these habits!
How to get started with recovery?
The best place to start, as with anything, is the beginning. What is it that you’re addicted to? Name it, say it out loud, make it the focal point of your thoughts, because you can only fight this once you admit what it is.
Your angels are telling you to put aside your denial, fear, and pain and be honest with yourself. Today you are going to hand over the strings that bind you to this addiction.
You’re going to start down the path to recovery, and your angels are going to help you do it. Let go of any shame and despair you have associated with this addiction and hand it all over to your angels.
Your faith will set you free.
The next step is faith and surrender. When you put your trust in your angels and the Divine you are admitting that you can’t do this alone and are asking for and accepting divine guidance for your recovery. You must have faith, both in yourself that you can do this, and in your angels, who will be beside you the entire way.
Surrender your fears and addictions and hand it all over to the Divine. Let your spirit feel the freedom that will soon be yours as you release pain, shame, and guilt.
Believe that you deserve recovery too.
You may not feel it just yet, but your angels are assuring you that you are deserving of recovery. You deserve to have your life back. Your happiness, your time, your health: you are worthy of all of these.
But what about those dark thoughts and self-destructive affirmations? Every negative emotion can be transformed when you hand it over to your angels. Release self-hate and hand it over to your angels to purify and turn into self-love.
Release your shame and allow it to become will-power to fight back against the cravings and bad habits you’ve formed. No more berating yourself about your addiction, no more telling yourself that you deserve this.
Your angels are beside you, whispering words of healing in your ear, you just have to listen for them. When you start to feel that familiar despair well up in you, instead of turning to your addiction, turn to your angels and ask for guidance in your recovery. You don’t have to do any of this alone.
You are strong. You can do this. And when it feels like you can’t, remember that your angels are right beside you, helping you to cope. Every time you feel a craving coming on, ask your angels to help it pass. When you feel that you can’t resist any longer, ask your angels to fill the gap in your life with self-love and peace.
You are worthy and you are not alone, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out to your angels and the Divine!

bad hair day


illustrator: Laura Ellen Anderson






(redheads are known to be wild, but red curly hair seldom shows its roots when you ride the twists)

Babies… Present

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Babies Present


 abortion puts you under
scrapes out your womb
in blackness

ashamed, you ask the doctor
whether it was male or female.
‘it was a boy’ he states

you wonder: Is this a punishment
for leaving the convent after 10 years?


the second baby grew to term.
shape-shifted to anencephaly
poisoned the amniotic fluid
elevated the blood pressure
required hospitalization and an X-ray.

anesthesia to deliver
lived 3 hours
tiny box for medical research.


 the third baby was given amniocentesis
to certify no neural tube disorder

doctor penetrated the thigh from front to back

and turned the fluid pink with blood.
daughter has a compromised thigh.


 fourth baby, born 8 lbs, 12 ounces,

presented face-up, and his skull pushed fecal matter out, a battering ram, with each contraction.
That shocked me more than the power of the pushing
I couldn’t control any orifice!

Had to surrender
had to get practiced at giving over to the presentation
the celebration of life

quietly my son’s DNA brought me
Immune system reserves
to protect me
for the rest of my 80 years.

his tiny promise of longevity
for me his Mom
The womb that fed him
the legs that grew long hair while he lived and grew inside

It was the pre-presentation miracle!





Home again after a week in Maine…

the demons within

are as smart as the power

within: Surrender

Definition #298 Surrender

posted by Shel Symons

posted by Shel Symons

arthritis in brain

in feet, ankles toes and hips:

landscape of my bod!

Definition #202 Wild Fire


searing heat seeks flames

licks carbon-slurps dew-drops: won’t

let go- surrender.

Grass grows in the night
and early the mockingbirds begin
their fleet courtships over puddles,
upon wires, in the new green
of the Spanish limes.

Morning in May
by Rosalind Brackenbury



I fall
I gasp;
I rise
I grasp.

I blink
I bite;

At once
It’s all;
And then
Quite small.

Who am I to say?
It may be different!

Jeanne Poland
All rights.
No fooling!

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