Testosterone Walk

Testosterone Walk

Testosterone Walk

Testosterone walk
In the woods: three blue jackets
Strut their macho stuff!



Leave Dance Prints

Leave Dance Prints

Tap your talent on the head;
Raise it up!
Shout it out!
Reproduce it!

Raise it up!
Form a Band of Talents!
Then strut that tune and play it loudly, eve and noon.

Shout it out!
It’s unique like you:
Personalize and do

Reproduce it!
Million-fold! Populate
Creative-fold: young and old!


Quicksilver switches gears from Silver Path to Silver GPS

I rose, reflecting,
rambled round
the rows of cars:
Ravs – Rogues were found!

Rambled round
the leather, chrome
and ‘luminum.

The rows of cars
glistened silver in the sun;
they winked at me!

Ravs – Rogues were found;
rallied slick:
a rascal’s scapegrace pick!

The trickster picked the varied car:
the playful mischievous Rogue;
with GPS and safety plus
stability and style!

The playful mischievous Rogue,
a compact SUV
with feline curvity!

With GPS and safety plus
automatic paths
that speak!

Stability and style
strut out
and eloquently bow!

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