You’re being given a new beginning…


“It’s time to start over. You’re being presented with a clean slate. Fresh opportunities are up ahead.”
Your Angel’s Message:
You’ve been itching for change. You’ve asked the angels for this to occur and the time has arrived! Embrace new things within your life. You can expect new people, projects and opportunities. It’s true that change can be scary. However, the angels will hold your hand throughout everything. They surround you with the beautiful energy of their love. Call upon them now to help you with your fear of facing new situations. They’ll significantly boost your energy and confidence now.

It’s all too tempting to cling to old and familiar routines. When you draw this card it invites you to be open to new approaches to the way you live your life. You may find yourself learning a new way to cope with situations that arise in life. You might feel more open about the way you approach life in general. You may even start learning a new skill, or discovering for the first time a skill you’ve had in yourself this whole time.
What You Should Do:
Whatever your new beginning may be. Whatever you feel called to do, allow yourself to enjoy this time. Explore your new set of circumstances. This is how you will learn and grow. New beginnings are a very good thing. It’s time to start to enjoy this era of your life!
Your Affirmation:
“I leave my fears in the lap of the angels. I am ready to embrace the new beginnings that come my way!”

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