Pattern #46 Go home Have Babies (Every Mustang’s Dream)


Spirit was a mustang
Wild and fast his flight;
Galloped ’til a stallion
Led the herd each night.

Wild and fast his flight;
“Til Calvary made him fight
For freedom and his rights.

Galloped ’til a stallion
Rode his muscles raw;
Heaved his breath: neighed his jaw.

Led the herd each night;
Guarded them from foes
As every mustang knows.

I showed my 4 year old grand daughter the DVD of “Spirit”.
At the finish, she asked:”Can they go home now and have babies?”
She discerned what mattered, even for a horse.

Tongue Twister #32 Distance 3


spans ship-to-shore
slip and slide ride
perched on slippery stallion
short of shipping lane
swimming sea leagues
five kilometers a clip.

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