The boy on the mountain trail

Onavigates the new yard jib

photo of 6 year old by Owen Poland


The boy on the mountain trail…

wheel-y punctuated, standing on the mountain bike, breaks through the dawn. Birds tweet a chorus of applause. Squirrels line up to front the parade with their drums. A wood chuck struts his majorette moves! And the chipmunks pump the trombones, whooshing their slides. The green uniforms glitter with spring color pushing the evergreens to a more lustrous  vivid spring green.The colors turn brash in the bright light of the Easter parade. Crocuses pop! All else quiets for the ride of the “pied-piper on wheels.”


Yesterday was the perfect listening day on the deck.
We found these bird song recordings and Don played them on the iPhone. Our goldfinch visitors answered, setting up a chorus of crows and squirrels.
Earlier, I noticed that the hummingbird sounded like a loud bumble Bee. Every Spring, I hear her calling for a mate and then she births a baby in the birdhouse on the upper deck, away from the squirrels and cats.

Please try the spectograms on the website below:

A Kyrielle Sonnet: My Mountain Top’s My Vista Beam


My Mountain Top

My mountain top’s my vista beam
O’er river, hills, trees and stream;
It’s home to turkey, deer, birds’ flight
It flashes magic day and night.

The hawks hunt high; while wood chucks dig
Their gaze upon the land so big;
The tunnels shine in moonlight bright
It flashes magic day and night.

Gold finch glitters: zigger and zag;
Red throat peckers gobble seed bag.
Squirrels lay store for snowy blight
It flashes magic day and night!

My mountain top’s my vista beam
It flashes magic day and night!

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