Ariel…the archangel



Ariel the archangel chose me at my birth

to bring all the memories from my past life

to fill me with abundance of talent

and financial independence.

He/she is the representative for all the animal spirits

who wish to demonstrate the Godhead to me

Open my heart, Lord of the Universe, to these spirit guards.

Let me fly to fulfill your will!

Spirit Guides





acquaintances in the light

Healing in the moment

Magdalena Arthen and Jacob50thWeddingAnn

Lena and Jacob @ their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday I encountered Tony, a friend I healed in July.

He was glowing, and filled with thanks.

Gave me hope for the next healing.


My loyal friends (Spirit Guides) show me new options.

I submit. Trust. Redeem the relationship. Exercise patience.

Celebrate the healing.

Every day the 200 year old crucifix from Germany and my Grandmother, guides me

Her verdant snake plant graces my living room.

I  acquiesce and care for these icons of Lena’s faith, devotion, and matriarchal tenderness;

take my place at the head of the tribe.

Only my roots are wild beneath the ground.

The buds are well cultivated in the sun.

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