The ace of Pentacles…


According to The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite, The Ace of Pentacles is described as the following:
A hand–issuing, as usual, from a cloud–holds up a pentacle.
Divinatory Meanings: Perfect contentment, felicity, ecstasy; also speedy intelligence; gold.
Reversed: The evil side of wealth, bad intelligence; also great riches. In any case it shews prosperity, comfortable material conditions, but whether these are of advantage to the possessor will depend on whether the card is reversed or not.
The reversed Ace of Pentacles brings some potentially bad news about your financial situation. Maybe you’ve recently overspent or made a wrong marketing decision with your business. Today’s card suggests you take a closer look at where you’ve put your money and whether it’s growing or disappearing.
It could be possible that the effects of it haven’t hit you yet, and you’re unaware of what may be going on in the financial department of your life. You’re asked to reevaluate your spending habits, or if you own a business, your marketing strategies, and your investments.
Overspending, failed marketing plans, wrongful investments
Today’s draw brings light to your possible poor financial decisions. Have you consciously or unconsciously been spending past your budget limits? What have you been wasting your hard-earned money on that’s not doing you any good? This card suggests there may be cheaper ways to do things.
If you own or manage a business, the reversed Ace of Pentacles may be speaking of a recent marketing scheme. You may have just put it into place, and it just isn’t doing any good.
Or, perhaps you’re working on, or about to work on, a new marketing and sales plan. In that case, consider holding back a bit. It’s asking you to think every detail of this marketing strategy over carefully before launching it into action.
Another financial issue that this card could be pointing towards is your investments. Have you recently made an investment that you didn’t put much thought into? Things may be about to backfire.
Or, have you been thinking about investing some funds into a relatively new idea? The card is asking you to think long and hard about the potential outcomes of that investment, and if it really is worth it. If it’s not a guaranteed gain for you, it may be best to put your money elsewhere.

How can you fix any damage done to your finances?
Although the reversed Ace of Pentacles speaks of poor financial decisions and money issues, there are still ways to recover and protect yourself from further damage. Keep a close eye on your fund to ensure you don’t lose another cent.
Create a budget—and stick to it!
Creating a budget for your finances is a great way to keep track of your finances. Having a set budget will help you make sure all your money is going where it’s supposed to, and you aren’t overspending on anything unnecessary.
A helpful budget tracker is Mint—it’s a completely free app available for both Android and iOS users.

Upgrade your marketing skills.
Upgrading your marketing skills can do wonders for your sales rates if you own or manage a business. Even if you believe you know everything there is to know, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of additional research on the latest ways to succeed. Even hopping online and looking at what your competitors got going on can give you great insight.
Remember, there are seven crucial elements in a great marketing plan. Always keep the seven P’s in mind when coming up with a strategy: Product, Pricing, Promotions, Placements, Packaging, Positioning, and People.
Look into your investments.
Take a close look at what you’ve been investing your money into. Are you just barely scraping by, or are you losing money from it? It may be time to reevaluate what you invest in and maybe stop putting money into something that’s not giving you anything back.

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