The influence of Roller Skates

Phat Knees Ant Lineup

Jeanne’s designs of the Roller Skating Ant

roller skating taught me autonomy

dancing with a partner


rhythm & music


knee agility

3D imagination

energy efficiency




sighting backwards

turning glucose into fuel

gave me my “ant identity”

Definition #292 Looking life in the eyes

Andrew Van deMeir calligraphs in the sand with his surf-board

Andrew Van der Merwe calligraphs in the sand in South Africa with his surf-board

When I was young, I

jumped and spun, surfed with speed, sun;

slowly now, I pen.

It’s the birthday of the poet Sara Teasdale, born in St. Louis, Missouri (1884).

She specialized in brief, rhyming, lyric poems, usually about love.

Her poetry was slowly going out of style throughout her lifetime.

She wrote:

“When I can look life in the eyes, 

grown calm and very coldly wise,

life will have given me the truth

and taken in exchange — my youth,”

Definition #201 Sticking out my tongue

Annika celebrates her tricks on a two-wheeler:  so do Owen and Oliver

Annika celebrates her tricks on a two-wheeler:
so do Owen and Oliver

balance and speed and

steering and braking and weaves

 ‘tween brother and dad

it appears that tongue protrusion when concentrating is hard-wired into our nervous systems. It is an entirely benign condition of those who are focusing their attention.

Einstein's tongue

Einstein’s tongue


Quicksilver Speed

Quicksilver Speed

I am practiced with the Internet, not a genius.

My eighty year old friends are beginners, not idiots.

Relearning one’s touches with one’s fingertips on a tablet is “light years” away from plunking on a steel typewriter.

At the Apple store, my knuckles struck a command

while my fingers selected a teeny icon

and the iPad rushed to comply with my errant knuckle.

My location disappeared, and I’m lost.

The fog descends.


I slump in my seat while the apple tutor explains what my knuckle did.

He resets the screen with a tiny tap in the precise spot needed.

I realize I need plenty of pointing at precise spots, with precise pressure, at precise angles, for precise duration.

All these touches can happen with my naked finger or a stylus, which doesn’t slide as easily as the finger.

No need to panic.

Between taps, I can take my time to discern the next command.

Discerning can be slow.

Then the iPad will speedily comply.

And I can once again discern the next path.

iPad speeds. etc etc

I’m caring. The tablets fast. What a team we are!

After I care, I share! With YOU!



besides  speed we  need:



a creed
to breed
be freed
heed our call
with Godspeed!

Jump Off a Rock-Land on a Wheel!

Jump off which rock?

Jump off which rock?

Folks trust spokes to land-
to speed their flight o’er bumps-lump
propelling ventures!

My Holy Spirit (2)


Owl symbolizes wisdom. Holy Spirit brings wisdom to help us examine our lives; shows us past denial and self deception. He conforms us to the image of God’s son.

Your wisdom-eyes pierce the darkness of the night;
Inner light speeds vision through the trees and haze.
Your gizzard guides you in the storm, the winds
Make way for victory-guardian’s flighted maze.

Inner light speeds vision through the trees and haze:
You hear our cries, our pleas for mercy, sight,
The holy view, You knew, in Christ Your Son.

Your gizzard guides you in the storm, the winds
A rally-call, a tumult-spin, a war to win:
Protector’s wide spread wings!

Make way for victory-guardian’s flighted maze:
A guiding bird, watchful gaze, prophet
Of holiness! sanctifier-spirit!

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