painter: Neil Waldman


space is:

negative and positive

light and dark

expanding and contracting

occupied and available

eternal and time locked

translucent and dense

the watercolor knows its mystery…


the day we lost the power


the man-made pond at Fox Hill made from local granite in Lenox, MA-photo by Owen Poland 5/4/2018 The Westinghouse Estate


the power went

between 2 thunderstorms;

the first while we played in the indoor pool

the second when the electric died

at 9:30PM.


I switched to touch

and pondered the power

that I still had:

in touch, scent, sounds, smells,

and tastes

and in other dimensions

divine and astral.


I saw into space

my feet grounded in marble

and the rocks of Westinghouse.



George Velez

illustrator: George Velez

Spawn of SVA:

relationships beyond time

space ‘n human heart

Definition #145 (Jeanne from Queens #17) Pace

Watercolor of Jeanne 1988 The year I met Don

Watercolor of Jeanne 1988
The year I met Don

Pace is the space
e c h o i n g     e e r i n e s s
blossoming breaths.
Jeanne Poland

Pattern # 51: Vista

John DeLoca in Brazil

John DeLoca in Brazil

Sure-footed, knees fast,
eyes down-cast: focused far-wide
see space, sight divine.

Pattern #26 Komodo Dragon

Kumodo Dragon by Quenby

Komodo Dragon
by Quenby

scales slip, slither slide
slink through space, a whisper sigh:
tongue to souls nearby!

Dental Office from Outer Space

A Poem for Two Voices:

In the office
a space chair
and computer on pedestal.
(It does close-ups and enlargements!)
(It graphed my gums from 1 to 4; #4 being too tender)

“Floss 3x a day
Gargle with baking soda.”
“Here’s a prescription for toothpaste.”
“Here’s a sample of floss and toothpaste”

“Six thousand dollars to replace old filings and crowns!”
“They’re too old.
See decay here below the crown!”

“Wait! Eeeek!
Need to tweek
the budget!
And the dental plan.
Teeth are not my only asset!
Bites and bits both vie for time!
Each gets his share down here on earth
“So he gets his and I keep mine!

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