complete forgiveness



Dear Q
I am sorry I turned my back on you.
Frustrated you beyond measure by not listening to your sage advice.
You shared the data needed to be my proxy.
You shared to keep me alive in the pandemic.

I forgive you for claiming that I do what I want and not what my family advises.
That I choose my agenda, in spite of you.
Instead you ask me to avoid acting impetuously.
Many friends have asked me
“not to be a steam-roller.”
“not to mow them down”.
Wish I could weed out this unruly character defect.

Yes, I promise to think before jumping.
To imagine you warning me.
To hesitate and consider the wiser side.
To embrace my sage daughter and my sage family
and BLEND.

Then we will both know complete forgiveness
Believe it is given
And act to its rhythm

Definition #385 Busy

self-caricature by Jeanne

self-caricature by Jeanne

I’m sorry I’m busy
Too busy to burp!
I’m sorry I’m busy
Too busy to furp!

I’m simply too busy
To spell and to count;
Call in relaxers
To stretch me out!


lovingly rhymed for David the Brave
Jeanne Poland

Andrea Barrett said: “I think science and writing are utterly the same thing.

They are completely rooted in passion and desire, if they’re any good at all.

You can fall in love with the natural world in the same way you fall in love with a person.

There’s that same sense of helplessness, of lacking control over how much of your life you want to devote to it.”

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