Weathering the Seasons


shape yourself for sun

wind, snow, rain, roots, trunk, branches:

seeds each born again

Children Without TV #12 Snow

Doesn't everyone sled down the deck stairs? With the baby?

Doesn’t everyone sled down the deck stairs?
With the baby?

While adults snowboard,
tots avalanche activate;
bust “Angelo style!”

For snowboarding terms, see:

Pattern #48 Autumnal Russet



Gourds hold seeds;
birth them when they need
to burst for winter’s
long siesta under snow.

Seeds grow seedlings;
tender shoots in baby green
spring up to sun
look for their mom.

Unfurl fresh leaves
reach out from stem
when summer’s dew
wakes sap in them.

“Til Fall again
grows gourds in russet reds
with seeds that burst
for winter under snow.

Chickadee or Goldfinch

upsidedown goldfinch

How could it be
the sleek goldfinch
I see
each day
became the
round chickadee in winter’s snow upon the deck?

Now I know
they share the seeds
the genes
the species
mates and dates
and yellow fates.
chickadee and goldfinch combo
May 25, 2013


Upside Down

Upside Down

This morning
I watched sun on snow
while gray sky streaked
heavy: grounded
lifting snow drifts
upside down to hover

light above
earth below

spirits flying
ground rooting
to its core
w h i t e t o g r a y t o b l a c k.

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