know them by their dna


blue lens

bike seats

biking shoes

head twist


love of mountains


wild creatures



JeanneOnOxygen2019selfie of Jeanne and her supplemental Oxygen


while in hospital

I purified myself

of alpha-lipoic acid

which eases wrinkles away

so they came around to smile.

My crooked teeth began to recede

as I ground the poor caps.

They smiled with the oxygen too;

it energized them.

Finally, my eye lids grew puffy.

Turmeric relieved the swelling.

But before I got home,

they smiled too.

My whole face

my whole body and soul

smiled with oxygen

and the ability to breath well!

grab those cheeks


eye to eye: the best communication


hold the cheeks

snuggle close

focus eyes on reflection


The Fish in the Cape

Cod fish in Cape Cod

Do cod fish know they’re in Cape Cod?
Nod, at home beneath the cape?
Smile to go into the stew?
Knew they’d see potatoes too?

Do eels know they’re in Eel River?
And lobsters in the Sound?
Do they say “it’s far-thur
Than you swim?” with Bostonian “a”?

Tongue Twister: #29: Singular Sensation

Jon and Kavi

It’s a …
singular sensation:
double celebration
smile and tongue libation
cloned manipulation!

Father’s Day Creation
Jon and Kavi a-tion!

While We Sleep

VIOLET Starscape

How dare the day change at Midnight!
Are we not the author of dawn?
The painter of the stars, the guardian of the moon?
Is it we who smile on earth, in sunbeams, at the dawn?

Or are we simply grains of sand reflecting light;
Grinding slowly into earth,
Its precious minerals?

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