Immerse yourself in joyous, healing music…


“The angels ask that you now immerse yourself in joyous, healing music.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Music is a wonderful tool for raising your vibrational level. Think about it. You listen to songs that further lift your spirits when you’re happy. When you’re sad you may enjoy listening to something more melancholy. When this card is drawn, it’s a direct message from your angels to guide you to add more music into your life.

This card may also be a sign that you have musical gifts. You may enjoy singing or playing an instrument. Regardless of your abilities, playing music or singing is a God-given gift. You may even be being guided to utilise your musical talents to help others. Music is so beautifully healing when it’s used in the right way. Listen to the guidance you’re now receiving.
What You Should Do:
Enjoy and make music in any way you feel your God-given gifts,choir,incorporate music into your life,music enhances my life,it is good for you. The angels are sending you messages of joy and support now. Listen to these. Feel what they have to say. Be guided towards expressing your God-given gifts. Join a choir. Compose a song. Enjoy this lovely time and be sure to continue to regularly incorporate music into your life!
Your Affirmation:
“I immerse myself in music in the knowledge that it’s healing powers will enhance my life and the lives of those around me!”

Definition #336 Language



universal languages

timeless sweet feedings

Today is the official European Day of Languages, which is a yearly event begun in 2001 to celebrate human language, encourage language learning, and bring attention to the importance of being multilingual in a polyglot world. On this day, everyone, young or old, is encouraged to take up a language or take special pride in his or her existing language skills.

There are about 225 indigenous languages in Europe, which may sound like a lot but is only 3 percent of the world’s total. Children’s events, television and radio programs, languages classes and conferences are organized across Europe. In past years, schoolchildren in Croatia created European flags and wrote “Hello” and “I love you” in dozens of tongues while older students sang “Brother John” in German, English, and French. At a German university, a diverse group of volunteer tutors held a 90-minute crash course in half a dozen languages, like a kind of native-tongue speed-dating, groups of participants spending just 15 minutes immersed in each dialect until the room was filled with Hungarian introductions, French Christmas songs, and discussions of Italian football scores.

Pattern #49 Shadow

Shadow of a camel

Shadow of a camel

I am a shadow
under the sky

swinging singing
by and by.

Shadows catch the light-
point deep

divine direction
of God’s leap!

Riddle#11 Spine Poem

Catherine Johnson's spine poem

Catherine Johnson’s spine poem

Spine Poem of Jeanne's Poetry Books

Spine Poem of Jeanne’s Poetry Books

In July of this year, 2013, there will be a Gallery Show of Jeanne’s Poetry Books at Columbia Greene Community College here in the Hudson Valley. If you want to participate, comment on this site.

To see free animations of the books, go to:

Spine Poem

Poetry in a stack:
diamonds in the rough;
Polish with your singing voice:
tenderize the tough.

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