Owls: Which personality does he have?


illustrator: Sast Smith


sibling rivalry

top of the hill brothers merge

hold the totem firm

Watercolor Illustration in Mashpee, Cape Cod



Sibling Rivalry

The four year old likes to collect wild flowers and poses with her 2 year old brother.
Note the posture as she pushes him against the wall, arm around him and the flowers.
He literally “looks up” at her. And smiles a pained grin of submission, head cast back in adoration/resentment. How can he compete at half her size? Later he will be taller, shoulders wider and wise in the knowledge that power resides not in size but in spirit. By then, we’ll see not leader and minion, but 2 warriors side by side.

The Bigger Toy Bites



My grand-daughter has been collecting toy horses and sees live ones daily nearby. First I gave her the regal model of Kahn and then the giant stuffed pillow version. Her collection is the pride of her four year old life.
Her two year old brother is gifted with alternative toy animals; but they do not match in size.
So when he attempted to take her new horse to bed with him, jealousy bit and so did he. Sadly, his father declared he was too grumpy to kiss us Good Night.
Now we realize that he needs an equally big toy and maybe a cuddly one too.
Ah the trials of sibling rivalry!

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