busy bees


“bees resting by water” posted by Walter Koessler


bees get to rest on Sunday

sleep covered with pollen

(like some fairy dust)

bees get a round bed

so they can cuddle

head to toe


I know

because I’ve been injected with bee venom

for the arthritis in my knees;


so I’m practically one of them;

except I am highly allergic to a bee sting

and go into shock!


I just don’t want a fellow bee to die

because he lost his stinger,

and his work ethic.


I’d rather have him

resting on Sunday

and cuddling with me

under some fairy dust!



Blink or Wink?

Meditation Circle
Do you want to BLINK or WINK?

The wink is deliberate.
A humorous communique.

A blink is a shock.
Wha’ happened?
Where do I go from here?

Flutter your eyelids.
Attract some compatibles
And then, in chorus

Jeanne Poland
5/21/2013Meditation Circle

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