solar lights


Don’s photo of solar hummingbird lights



Jeanne’s photo of solar hummingbird lights


Don’s iPhone slices the light,

coaxes the batteries blown by the wind

bursts energy with his view: electronic!


Jeanne’s iPhone contrasts the white with shadow

punches the vibrant colors way up

wings the birds-wings the flight of energy!

Pattern #49 Shadow

Shadow of a camel

Shadow of a camel

I am a shadow
under the sky

swinging singing
by and by.

Shadows catch the light-
point deep

divine direction
of God’s leap!

Pattern #34 Highlights & Shadow

photo by Frank Scotti Nomad Inc

photo by Frank Scotti
Nomad Inc

whites of eyes and teeth:
story of trust, smiles, sings loud

Pattern #28 Cage


birdcage-shadow: flight
delayed; bird cage door locked not
to light, air or rot!


shades me in cool,
veils me in jewels,
hushes my fusses,
wraps me away
to end of the day-

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