Joyce, there’s something I wanted to say to you


Jeanne in 2016; iPhone 6+

(To Joyce)
Some things I wanted to say to you:

When you look at me and smile,
it says you know me
and understand.

You hold  patience
and clothe me in it.

When you turn to Arthur
I see the hope that he will sense your discomfort and know it is time to leave the gathering.

The delicate balance
is a daily challenge as fragility courtesies
between you two.

First one and then the other
shores up the couple.

Which sister-in-law will
lose her marbles today?

Or will it be the 80 year old?

Seems like vulnerability is the only currency we share.
And, now, of course, a way out, preserving dignity.
How will we transition and be unaware of it?
Do we need to direct this concert?
Can we record it in advance?

Or will a chorus of angels carry us?
For it is an Ascension, after all, that awaits us!

April 30, 2017

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