I snapped a selfie for those of you who were caught amiss with a selfie of me in intensive care 2 years ago.

I failed to date it and the concern about covid engendered fear.

See the pink glow.

Rejoice that Don and I are thriving.

The small steps are a resurrection.

For you and I

For your kin and you







sends me


in soul swipe



sets me down








JeanneOnOxygen2019selfie of Jeanne and her supplemental Oxygen


while in hospital

I purified myself

of alpha-lipoic acid

which eases wrinkles away

so they came around to smile.

My crooked teeth began to recede

as I ground the poor caps.

They smiled with the oxygen too;

it energized them.

Finally, my eye lids grew puffy.

Turmeric relieved the swelling.

But before I got home,

they smiled too.

My whole face

my whole body and soul

smiled with oxygen

and the ability to breath well!

Definition #359 Thin

Selfie 10/2015

Selfie 10/2015

Think of the women who live in Samoa. Legend has it that a woman there is not considered attractive unless she weighs more than 200 pounds. Size is relative: Samoans might equate being fat with being cherished, and being thin with being miserable. (Forget about booking a one-way trip to Samoa. It’s too expensive.) The truth is that beauty standards vary from culture to culture, but no matter where you live or how big your body is, some things remain the same. We still have to find a way to live comfortably inside our bodies and make friends with and cherish ourselves.

Geneen Roth

Definition #220 Deck

tree frog on deck 5-23-15

tree frog on deck 5-23-15

Selfie on deck 5-23-15

Selfie on deck 5-23-15

Children believe in the power
of animals, tucked into their feathers
and shells; they believe

in blessings: the sprinkle
of holy water, each tiny
unexplained life.

“Blessing of the Animals” by Faith Shearin from Telling the Bees. © Stephen Austin State University Press, 2015.

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