illustrated by Lori McElrath-Eslick

Every woodchuck lives

with graves, trees, ponds and seeds-spies

squirrels’ lairs at dawn


Jonathan Kellerman has collaborated on books with his wife and his son. “Every family speaks its own language,” Jesse Kellerman says. “For us, it was stories.”

Pattern #68 I-Cloud

What will the cloud hold next? More than raindrops?

What will the cloud hold next?
More than raindrops?

The i-Clouds
“got the dirt”
on you!
holds it in the haze
flies it past mountains
screens it from hawks.
Then rains it down as mud
that thuds on heads:
splotches eyes
drips off nose
blows its spatter
on what matters.
sift for seeds
to grow trees
that grow leaves
to scatter into soil
for clouds to suck
to “hold the dirt”
on you.

Pattern #48 Autumnal Russet



Gourds hold seeds;
birth them when they need
to burst for winter’s
long siesta under snow.

Seeds grow seedlings;
tender shoots in baby green
spring up to sun
look for their mom.

Unfurl fresh leaves
reach out from stem
when summer’s dew
wakes sap in them.

“Til Fall again
grows gourds in russet reds
with seeds that burst
for winter under snow.

Woodpecker Explorer


Baby woodpecker
aluminum siding
brass dragonfly

Her beak

knocks upon my deck.
Huge red-headed peck-er!

Chickadee or Goldfinch

upsidedown goldfinch

How could it be
the sleek goldfinch
I see
each day
became the
round chickadee in winter’s snow upon the deck?

Now I know
they share the seeds
the genes
the species
mates and dates
and yellow fates.
chickadee and goldfinch combo
May 25, 2013

Riddle #15 Fruity



Someone called me :

Did he see my core?
Or tender skin?
Reflection in the light?
Dwarfed stem?
Snappy bites to offer?
Juices flowing?
Kinship with my seeds?
Fallen from a tree?
Or me: different?
An adventure in discovery?

“And Therein Lies the Rub”

And therein lies the rub…
Within the tub
Cause down the drain
Go joy and pain
The merry team descend.

I wonder where
Below the air
My skin cells flow
I cannot know
Their end!

They flow and plant
The seeds to ants
Sprouting roots
Under boots
‘Til seedlings grow again.

I think exists that which I see
when in fact invisibility
is real as me!

Thank you Shakespeare!
Jeanne Poland


Hummingbird found something new
Upon my deck today.
Feeder joined with Crazy-glue
From squirrel’s mad foray!

Robins, peckers, finches, doves
Suskines, sparrows flew-
Aghast at squirrel’s leaping loves
Of nuts and seeds and brew.

Squirrel flew and danced and jumped
In whirling desperate view-
His wingless leaps left him dumped
In frenzied Crazy-glue!

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