Children Without TV #40 Miss Spring

Oliver and Annika explain the appearance of Mrs Snowthaw, the Lady Spring!

She melts the snow, calls
the birds, seedlings, roots, babies:
verdant beginnings!

Pattern #48 Autumnal Russet



Gourds hold seeds;
birth them when they need
to burst for winter’s
long siesta under snow.

Seeds grow seedlings;
tender shoots in baby green
spring up to sun
look for their mom.

Unfurl fresh leaves
reach out from stem
when summer’s dew
wakes sap in them.

“Til Fall again
grows gourds in russet reds
with seeds that burst
for winter under snow.


tick tock  click clock

tick tock click clock

Time stands still:look back-look fo’ward.
Spot the growth; the buds bloom toward
A new mystique, a magic journey
Dappled vision-rainbow gurney.

Spot the growth; the buds bloom toward
Dance and cello,theater, swimming
Biking, driving, childish dimming.

A new mystique, a magic journey
Drops of feeling: wet tips warming
Thoughts that generate to seedlings.

Dappled vision-rainbow gurney
Squeaking through the halls of choices
Spotlights pointed by the voices

Family beacons
Family sages
My own galaxy!

For Aneli

No Man Is An Island

For some,
financial stability
and spiritual autonomy
enable a solitary life,
a living single,
a “light on the feet”
free to climb stamina.

Living alone
restoration, privacy,
solitude and space
but also hunger for contact,
and anxiety about crisis survival.

It cultivates the
cult of individual rules,
a sparsity of shared responsibility and
civic leadership.

Digital communications are
ranty, dishonest and weird.
Real world interactions
force us
to deal with a diversity
not found virtually.

The virtual community
lives in
“the half light”.

doesn’t replace phone;
e-mail distracts from the face-to-face.

We need
to summon ourselves
by ourselves.

Trained by the Net,
solitude eludes us.
Without training,
we cannot manage the
complex forms of engagement,
and easily withdraw.

Without fierce autonomy,
we cannot heal our wounds.
Confessing on line
doesn’t work.
Healing needs a touch,
an organic space,
time to grow,

More than a whoosh
a beep
a ping!

A seed in the dark earth,
rain and sun,
dewdrops on seedlings,
new growth:

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