rainbow woman and the surviver


rainbow woman


survivor man


digital man-rests

enlightenment comes

while rainbows carry both!



By Joel Brouwer Nov3,2019 (Poetry Almanac)

He rose before her every morning
to walk three rainy February blocks
to the best and cheapest boulangerie.
Our secret, they said, and didn’t tell friends.
Bonjour Madame, bonjour Monsieur,
une baguette s’il vous plaît, oui Monsieur,
merci Madame, merci Monsieur.
The spell had to be pronounced perfectly
to accomplish the magic. By the time
he returned, she had everything ready,
the jam pots and butter, bowls of coffee.
Her skin still lustrous with sleep as she turned
toward him. He kissed her with his coat on, she
gleaming with heat, he with cold. I’m only
missing one thing, she said. Indicating
the black plastic basket on the table.

Joel Brouwer, “The Missing Thing” from And So. Copyright © 2009 by Joel Brouwer. Used by permission of The Permissions Company LLC on behalf of Four Way Books, http://www.fourwaybooks.com.

Pattern#39 Watercolor’s Secret

Photo by Michael Lai

Photo by Michael Lai

watercolor by Catherine Johnson

watercolor by Catherine Johnson

Watercolor’s Secret

Leave the white wide glare;
snap the eye right there; paper
spot lights sun’s delight!

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