Riddle#37 Play

I read an interview with children’s writer: Doug Snelson, author of The Fable of the Snake named Slim. He mentioned two qualities of play that both children and adults should use: awe and concentration Awe sees the wonder and concentration is the focus. These qualities create vital interaction.


The quote brought to mind my Grandson of 2 years in the bath this past Saturday.
The hair sculpture was play for the adult but what tickled me was the fifteen minutes he spent playing with the baby face cloth pretending it was a shirt, bib, motorcycle jacket, and various other warrior breastplates that went “brooom, brooom broom” down the road.
His total concentration transformed the simple cloth into any number of costumes and characters.
Mumbled scripts included.
The bath is a stage.
The audience smiled with awe and concentration!



I went to Catholic school
Where virtues reigned!

Posture mattered.
Penmanship won medals.

Kneeling straight
Got approving nods.

Staying in line
Was the sole way to advance.

Now here I am in
Virtual reality.

With a universal view:
From Middle East to China.

USA – a passing view
From satellite.

Sandwiched in
Between script and ancient sages.

Bowing for my bread
Tiny steps to understanding

The power in the clouds
The virtual magnificence of virtue’s child!
All rights Jeanne Poland

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